7 Ways to Help Failing Students

7 Ways to Help Failing Students

There are some educational tips that teachers can integrate into their teaching-learning processes to help failing students and turn the academic failure into ultimate success.

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Mentoring students can be wearisome, frustrating, and unpleasant when some of your students fail to perform in final exams according to a required manner. Failing students tend to arise wicked emotions in both parents and educators. They get frustrated and worried about the future of students who fail often to perform well in the class or final testing systems. But teachers can do a lot to help failing students and encourage them to learn more effectively for better grades.

In this article, there are some educational tips that teachers can integrate into their teaching-learning processes to help failing students and turn the academic failure into ultimate success.

1- Get the Parents Involved

The benefits of patent involvement in education are myriad and better student performance in class is one of them. Parents of students can actually make a huge difference. So, involve them early in your mentoring processes and keep them updated about the poor performance of students in the class. Inform them about what’s going on and ask them to play their role in encouraging their kids to learn properly without losing focus and attention. Give them ideas on how they can help you improve the progress of students to turn failure into success.

2- Help the Students Whenever Possible

How you help students will vary depending on grade, and class structure. So, make it a priority to help failing students in the best possible way whenever you can. You can dedicate a particular time of the class to work on issues and problems students usually face. It will enable you to help them accordingly even without disturbing your schedule. Check the failing students regularly even if they don’t stand up for help.

3- Encourage them to Learn Effectively

As teachers feel frustrated and discouraged when their students fail to perform well in exams, the failing students feel the same pain and emotions. That’s why you need to encourage them to learn more effectively and outperform in coming exams. Highlight their small achievements and encourage them to do the same in final exams and other deadlines. Make them feel that you believe in them and they can show greater performance in the class to secure higher grades than before.

4- Provide Opportunity for Self-reflection

Take them through a process of self-reflection to help them find strengths and weaknesses. You can do this by asking them to fill up a questionnaire for listing the reasons they think they failed in the exams and how they are about to improve in the next exams or testing procedure. Go through their thoughts and provide them with more ideas on how they can boost their learning skills to stand out.

5- Ask How you Can Help

This is a no-brainer but most of the teachers miss it out. As a good teacher, you should ask failing students that what you can do to help them. If they feel shy asking for help, consider their response thoughtfully and do the best what you can to help them learn in the best possible way. If they are unable to understand a concept, provide them with a variety of options and learning materials so they can learn as per their own learning style.

6- Ask them to Complete Class Work

Get them to accomplish class work in time and do everything possible to get the classwork done. Ask them politely to meet the class-related deadlines and always be there to assist and help if they face problems while doing classwork. You should also be looking for more ways to make this happen and improve the performance of failing students in the class.

7- Don’t Give Up on Them

Don’t give up on failing students and encourage them on a regular basis to perform well both in class and homework. Most of the teachers won’t see the required results for months and give up. Keep in mind that you are not wasting time on them but investing time in making them brilliant. Always believe in them and make them realize you are always there to help and assist.

Final Words

It is the obligation of faculty mentors to guide, assist, and help students properly especially if some of them are failing. By identifying the root cause of failing, finding out the appropriate solution, and doing act accordingly, you can greatly help the students when they are under performing.