Referrals go a long way in shaping your career. Recruiters since time immemorial have attached considerable importance to this factor while getting new recruiters on board. The form of reviews has undergone sea changes with the progress of time. There was a time when employers primarily had to depend on word of mouth or for that matter personal recommendations from a close and trusted circle before getting an employee on board. Today, however, there are so many channels to help them with their cause- LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus are a few of the digital channels from where your … Read More

Somebody has put it very aptly – you don’t realize you’re committing a career mistake when you are actually committing the mistake itself. It happens with most of us. The first career lesson would be to ensure that we don’t let these mistakes linger for long. We are not asking you to jump from one job to the other right on the first month of joining itself. All we are asking you is to at least be on the lookout for other jobs and settle for something in six months or a year, if you are not happy with your … Read More

With the so much being talked and (and done) about emancipation and consequent empowerment of the black population– a recent report highlighting the dismal “black studies figures” at an Illinois university comes as a rude shock.

All about African American studies and more

Western Illinois University cut its African American studies this year. The graduation and enrolment figures turned out to be notably disappointing. During the 2015-2016, only 13 students chose black studies as their main field of study. What more? Only 3 students had graduated with Bachelor of Arts in black studies this year. The university data thus retrieved … Read More

Designation hike doesn’t come easy. So doesn’t a salary hike. At times, it gets even difficult for employees to figure out what exactly career growth is. Is it all about periodical pay hike? Is it only about job changes for “better” salary and diversification? What is career growth all about?

Ideally, a desired professional trajectory is determined both by your pay and wider avenues of exploration. You might be stuck with the same company for years – receiving customary pay hikes after every two three years. Would you call that growth? May be not- unless and until there’s an associated … Read More

Dropping out from your high school or college doesn’t really have to be the end of your life. Many of us wouldn’t really believe it, but let us tell you that school dropouts just have to find the right niche in their lives to make a mark in their profession and ensure a fruitful personal life as well. There are reasons why people choose to drop out and we are not even getting into those reasons. Today, we will be exploring the top career choices for high school or college dropouts.

The particular piece should also ideally be consulted by … Read More

The internet is brimming with articles or blogs bringing all sorts of “odd” but lucrative jobs to the fore. More than 7 months into 2016- and we already know how food styling is already attracting the youth in scores and how social media management is already making its foray in the mainstream vocational scenario. The attitude towards offbeat career choices like food styling and pearl diving is way different than what it was perhaps even five years ago!

Unconventional career choices: Why should school students know about them?

Unconventional jobs are not only about pay and perks but also about … Read More

You can ask the most confident of your colleagues at work and they will tell you that there have been times when they felt completely alienated at their workplace – something which not only took a toll on them emotionally but also affected their work performance adversely.

So, today if you are going through similar feelings related to workplace alienation, please know for a fact that you’re not the only one to feel thus. You’re not alone in this struggle. So, your problem is not entirely unique either. Keeping these tips in mind can help you battle workplace alienation in … Read More

Handling more than one job is almost regularity today. Most of us will have that one friend who is a part-time yoga instructor- cum- rock star-cum paper pusher. However, it is not really as easy as it sounds. Money is not the only benefit to be derived from multiple jobs. You are able to pursue different passions at the same time and get paid for the same. Plus there is no job monotony to deal with.

However things can become a little taxing with too many assignments and too less “me” time in the fray. Turning to a few … Read More

With social media occupying such an important part of our lives, it might as well be interesting to find out whether if the time has arrived when it should make its foray into the school curriculum or not. Parents are rightfully on their guard against exposing their kids to the “uncontrolled” content on social media. However, the fact that social media usage has some real educational value attached to it cannot be dismissed either.

So, should social media be made a part of school curriculum? Let us explore in the course of the post.

The integration of Social Media in

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She was your best friend at work. Fun at workplace was never complete without him. You deserved your best advice for that colleague of yours with whom you bonded outside your workplace as well. And, then comes the day when he or she decides to put down his or her papers to join another organization or take a break from work or for leaving the country altogether. You are no stranger to resignations. You are no stranger to job switches. You are no stranger to new joinees quickly replacing your ex-colleagues. However, there are times when it takes a … Read More

If you think that frequent job switches are crucial to career advancement then you perhaps represent the present herd of job seekers and holders. Needless to say, each and every company irrespective of its scale or presence in the market witnesses a bevy of employees leaving and joining every year. Today, brand name is no guarantee of success as far as employee retention is concerned. The chance to explore newer horizons, salary hike, monotony and so on – the reasons behind the massive employee drain is as myriad as it gets. They can be discussed some other day.

Today, however, … Read More

Do your grades impact your career? Can bad college or university grades infallibly be linked to a ruined career? Opinions are clearly divided.  Students, parents, teachers and other academicians have not been able to offer conclusive opinions here. This particular post is not really meant to put differing opinions to rest. However, we will definitely try to offer a clearer picture of the real scenario.

Should you be worried about your grades while carrying out a job hunt?

So, do your college grades affect your career opportunities? The answer is both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. Read on … Read More

Choosing the right career can always be a daunting task for everyone. It requires well though career planning for every individual to start their career path in the right job field. Today, there are number of ways available for choosing the career path online. One of the best ways is an online career test, which becomes very simple and takes a lesser time to perform and complete it. Selecting the right career path should be an ongoing process that includes several elements such as employer research, career and also learning about yourself.

In these days, there are lots of job … Read More

Where do the fresh graduates stand in the ever evolving career landscape today? It’s clear that students don’t consider their degrees as the infallible passport to great career options any more. The playdate generation – at the heart of its growing up has been a keen sense of competition. For them the degree acquired by them is not the end of a phase of struggle but the beginning of a very different kind of fierceness. For many- career preferences have jumped from astronauts to biologist to chemist, while for others- finding their strengths itself has remained a major challenge. Turning … Read More

A brief look at a series of editorials will tell you that there is perhaps a world of difference between writing editorials and framing blogs or e-books. At the onset, one can jolly well regard those precise but persuasive editorials as a means of constructive channelization of the enthusiasm one might demonstrate during a debate. Newspaper editorial writing might as well be a collaborative or an individual effort. You can either write it with the help of a team or on your own- but not before acquainting yourself with the tips to write good editorials content. Given below are a … Read More