Did you see a classroom where the focus is on teaching to each student’s individual strengths, skills, and requirements? In such learning environment, students are taught at their own velocity as well as according to their unique learning skills. This is what we call personalized learning and it has created a momentous occasion to expand admittance, boost achievement and conclusion for students all over the world. Below is everything that you may need to know about personalized learning so continue the reading.

What is personalized learning

In the environment of personalized learning, students learn in various ways and at various … Read More

Becoming a highly effective teacher could be a tricky job for you especially when it is your first year in the Institute. There are countless habits of highly effective teachers you can find over the web but it is the practice that helps you to become an effective teacher in order to show your students how to secure high scores in finals, for improving the classroom management as well as about how to put the behavior problems off by handling students effectively in a well-managed manner. Basic teaching skills are necessary for you to become an effective educator but it … Read More

Don’t be shocked if you come across people telling you that education is plain boring – run by boring people, consisting of boring plans and entailing boring discussions. There – in fact – are teachers with considerable exposure claiming the same. The challenges that educators face assume a more “glaring” shape of sorts when the comparison between classroom learning and the internet comes into the equation. You open Google and in no time you become aware of how fast the world is changing. It doesn’t matter how significant or insignificant your queries are, expect Google to offer your answers. The … Read More

With the advent of time the benefits of outdoor schools are felt more intensely than ever. In fact, the need to come closer to Nature itself is felt more intensely than ever. We come to hear about so many schools conducting environmental education programs – not only to provide due outlets to students primarily confined to their classrooms but also to help them forge stronger communities. The need to introduce children to outdoor classrooms hasn’t really diminished even with the advent of digitization. We will tell you why.

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Just take into account that teachers are not bad because they not only help us in learning course books and lessons but also assist us to deal with various day to day situations and life affairs efficiently. Nothing makes a teacher good or bad but in my opinion, there are two types of teachers ‘good and great. Let me explain some key points that highlight the shades of difference between good and great teachers. Teachers always help students in developing good study and learning habits to understand the lecture and other relevant aspects. The teacher is the professional who is … Read More

Whenever you search in Google or app store to find out the best note taking apps to improve the digital note taking process, there you can find plenty of note-taking apps along with confusing descriptions and features that may confuse you to pick a best one up for yourself. Just keep in mind that, all note-taking apps are not all created with same features as others might have. In fact, the deeper you search for them, the more you understand that how different they all are in their features and terms of what they offer for digital note taking. Just … Read More

Mexico’s academic scenario is dismal and the news comes in the wake of the country’s claims to make things better in this regard. Education ranked high in President Enrique Pena Nieto’s agenda. The reality – however – is grim to say the least. In a nutshell, Mexico is standing at the threshold of an “almost” failed education revolution whereby salaries are paid to teachers who hardly attend classes and children have minimal or no access to the academic tools and not even to food. Further details have been documented below.

Why has Mexico’s Education System Failed?

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In this post, we are going to divulge study tips to boost results in 2017 and hopefully these below mentioned simple secrets, solutions and strategies will assist all students a lot in improving study habits as well as in securing good grades in the class. Purpose of providing following study strategies, study tips, and skills is to help all students with test preparation, improving learning skills and so on for all levels of education and learning phases.

Set clear study goals first

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When you work as an instructor, you’re in a position to enable your students to make powerful and better students. More often than not we perceive the positive impact we have on your students, however, there might be times when we believe we require better approaches to spur them and make a culture of contribution. Here you will discover some study skills to empower your students that you can use to help make a culture that makes taking in a need. Showing study aptitudes to your students is an awesome approach to demonstrate to them how they can take more … Read More

Indeed, subsequent to the touchy development of netbooks in recent few years, it appears that these ultra-minimized and cheap portable personal computers have neglected to break in the market. Rather, most students with personal computers adhere to an Apple MacBook or a personal computer with windows operating system made from one of the huge producers or go to class with no tablet by any stretch of the imagination. You infrequently observe an understudy utilizing a netbook. In spite of their underused in the classroom, netbooks, which we will characterize as portable personal computers with not as much as a 10″ … Read More

Just like other fields of life, technology also has a great positive impact in the field of education in order to make the teaching & learning most effective and easier. Variety of technology tools and apps are used by educators as well as by students to build efficient study environment. In this piece of writing, we will discuss about ‘Edthena’, a bunch of tools which is designed especially for educators to augment professional development for teachers.

What is Edthena

Edthena, is a famous online platform that enables educators and teachers to record lessons of classroom instructing in form of video … Read More

Writing a research paper is a science to organize your precious time as well as available data and materials efficiently in order to provide a well-organized reading to your audience. Before embarking on writing a paper, you must have an accurate idea that ‘what the research paper is?’

In general, the research paper is a long piece of writing than a simple essay and it usually includes research results or reviews obtained by a researcher. The length of this paper depends on various aspects like a topic you have selected to write, your field or criteria of research etc.

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The importance of storytelling it seems is only growing by leaps and bounds as far as kids’ education is concerned. It has been unequivocally opined that storytelling is one of the most effective techniques of describing any topic to children – even to the youngest among them. The benefits of storytelling can at once be acknowledged if you actually go on to realize that children absolutely are in love with stories and they have the ability to create wonder among students in their most impressionable phase.

Storytelling: Its Growing Importance in the Field of Education Decoded

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The world today is dealing with financial snag and it goes without saying that economic decline is America is triggered mainly by its academic stagnation. Education is not only important for making one well-informed but accomplished citizens can do way more for the country in taking it forward. Unfortunately the high tuition fees and loan liabilities enforced upon the students compel them to drop out of college. On the contrary, international students come forth to take over their seats and earn university degrees and come out with infinite opportunities.

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Google is not only a search engine where we find required things, information and much more but it has many other products and services that we use in our day to day life affairs even in office to get things done in right direction. Not only in the field of internet and technology but there are countless novelties and contributions made by the Google and they also have a gigantic mission to systematize the information around the world as well as to make it collectively accessible for everyone especially for students. Google for education is an open technological advancement in … Read More