Child-care: How Important is it for Teachers?

Teacher retention in schools has actually emerged as a major concern over all these years and schools – at large- have actually left no stone unturned to step up their efforts towards that end. It has been opined that though they have tried every thing in their power to improve the situation – by means of salary hike, bonuses, instructional coaching and mentoring—they have unwittingly gone on to ignore one of the most important areas of concern – i.e. child-care.

The Importance of Childcare for Teachers: What you should know

Yes! Look around. Research. And, you will actually end up finding that one of the most common reasons why teachers are quitting jobs is because of their families. The words of Taryn Morrissey—an associate professor of public speaking at American University – will make it clear for readers. She has clearly opined that this is the need of the hour for that “workforce”. Much contrary to popular belief, teaching is not really a family-friendly designation. Teachers having kids going to schools might find it easier to strike the much needed balance but when it comes to those having toddlers – it becomes very difficult to achieve that perfect work-life balance. Their school time simply doesn’t match their kids’ time. And, this is where the burning problem crops up.

We have got the federal findings on teacher attrition backing our claims as well. It was in the year 2013-2014 when it was actually found that the teachers were generally leaving schools more because of personal reasons rather than professional ones including salary or lack of job satisfaction. The findings revealed that across the nation over 38% of those who left the profession altogether and 23% of those who switched schools did so for clearly “personal reasons”. Documented below are further details of the aforementioned federal data.

What do the surveys reveal?

Almost one in ten of teachers who left school did so because they had personal reasons. The gravity of the situation can further be comprehended once we take into account the fact that even those working at present are found grappling when it comes to educating school children and their own children at the same time. It was in the year 2014 that the University of California, Berkeley even revealed that for the average American family, it was child care and education – that immediately followed mortgage when it comes to expenses. The data even went on to reveal that more than 60% of the teachers who quit classroom were better able to strike that perfect work-life balance than what they could do earlier.

What have other surveys revealed?

Teachers – at large- have unequivocally pressed for availability of child- care within the school premises. They want to be clear about “possibilities” right from the time they are being hired itself. An online survey consisting of 150 district recruiters, who use Education Week’s TopSchoolJobs site revealed that child-care was “priority” for many aspiring teachers. Around a third of them wanted childcare as a part of their job perks.


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