Education Week: About Value Addition and More

There is a lot which goes into making a successful education week. Not all education campaigns held across different parts of the globe are actually a

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There is a lot which goes into making a successful education week. Not all education campaigns held across different parts of the globe are actually able to command equal attention from the most discerning academic quarters – quite simply because of the differences in value addition. Not all are able to create similar kind of awareness about the Education Week conducted by them. Not all are duly acquainted with the nuances that make for a successful campaign.

Education Week: What should you know about proper value addition?

Documented below are the few ways in which the success of an Education Week can be ensured. As you go through them, you will actually come to understand that there are not one but several factors that contribute to the success of an Education Week – as has already been mentioned above.

A strong awareness program

Everything starts with the creation of an awareness campaign. And, let us tell you that it is not only about telling people about your campaign – not only about banking on word of mouth. Look up the internet for creative campaign ideas. Do not hesitate to post your campaign signs anywhere which actually represents int’l.


Do consider turning to Cole Blaise’s Studies Abroad which is a web series highly revered by students for its humor. The suggestion is to play it on loop in your campus. Blaise chronicles his experiences at Czech Republic. The series deftly representing Blaise’s antics are sure to keep students engaged.

A diverse panel

At the heart of a successful Education Week is a panel reaching out to students about ways in which careers have actually been impacted by international exposure. Make sure you are roping in participants or panel members who can throw light on ways in which international exposure has impacted career over time. Rope in someone who is a recent grad and someone who has been working abroad for 20 years and also the ones who didn’t study abroad but actually wish that they had.

Do get people who are studying abroad and get others who notice them by giving them bright colored t-shirts that do say something about their capability. This is how you actually end up making a visual statement.

Incorporate films

Consider encouraging dialogues through films. Screening politically or socially relevant films can actually stir students to dialogue. There is no dearth of documentaries or short films that are actually relevant to your campus. Make sure that you are investing due time for selecting a film for screening.


Do make sure that you are not undermining the importance of local resources while focusing on the impact wielded by global education. It is very important on your end to ensure that you are keeping the present effects of inflation in view. It may not always be easy for every student out there to transcend borders for education – blame it on finances. So, you can actually go on to highlight the best local academic resources they can explore to facilitate career advancement.