Effective Ways to Make Remote Teaching Easier

Effective Ways to Make Remote Teaching Easier

In 2020 and upcoming years due to drastic environmental conditions most of the learning and teaching process is done online.

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Remote teaching is the process of teaching and learning that is done without being physically present. In 2020 and upcoming years due to drastic environmental conditions most of the learning and teaching process is done online, and for easy assistance, this online system of teaching is referred to as remote teaching.

How to make remote teaching easier:

The online system, however, can never replace the value of the physical system but there are few ways that can help to make this remote teaching and learning better and more fruitful for both the teacher and the learners.

  • High-quality electronic system:

To create an environment similar to the physical system of teaching, a teacher must have proper electronics which have the latest cameras and other hardware that will help both the teacher and students by creating real classroom habitat.

  1. High-quality microphone:

Remote teaching is all about speaking and listening, so for this purpose, a high-quality microphone is necessary. Clear voices of both students and teachers will make this non-physical system of learning more genuine and pure.

  1. Good cameras:

For developing a real environment, despite good sounds good, good visual effects are also necessary. A high-quality web camera is the only solution to this problem. It will create a pleasant 3D image and make remote learning similar to orthodox learning.

  1. Proper lighting system:

Without good lights, a good camera can do nothing.  For this purpose, one can use ring lights easily available at normal prices. Other options include lamps, LED lights and sharp bulbs, etc. white light with proper frequency can aid your camera by creating a perfect image of you.

  1. Good Pc and strong internet connection:

Remote teaching and online learning are directly related to your computer systems and devices. Internet is the need of time and for sure they need online-based teaching and learning. For creating good remote surroundings internet is the prime factor that contributes.

  • Arranged surroundings:

While teaching online your physical surrounding must be neat and arranged, it seems to be something unreal but actually, it is a great aiding tip while teaching online. Noisy surroundings and unarranged areas might create a mindset that is not providing enough energy to teach and to learn.

  • Gaining responses:

Involving students is the prime function of the teacher while teaching online because otherwise the teaching process will not be converted into a learning process. Engaging students and gaining their responses will create this virtual system of study somehow real. Some of the creative ideas for doing this are;

  1. Non-academic activities:

Sharing something that is not related to the course will defiantly generate the interest of students towards the class and will make the teaching process easy. These non-academic activities include creative writing assignments, question-answer sessions and mind games etc.

  1. Communicating in an effective way:

As we all know that remote teaching is something different than normal physical class teaching so the way of communication of the teacher must also be somehow different than the communicating terms adopted for the physical class. Making outlines from the course, making worksheets, and formation of lecture slides are some methods that will help in effective communication.

  1. Feedback :

This system of feedback must be two-way for better co-ordination among teachers and students. Teachers must gain feedback from students and students must get teachers to feedback about their performances in the remote teaching system. Emails, text messages and audio/video responses can be used for this purpose.

  • Being well prepared for the class:

As in an online system, only a few parts of the course is displayed, so for making remote teaching better a teacher must adopt strategies to deliver that lecture in an effective way. During class time, the teacher must be available and concentrated on teaching, that he/she must have fresh background knowledge of the lecture.

  • Involving different online tools:

While teaching in a remote way a teacher must have a good knowledge of electronic devices like computers or laptops and the latest software. This will help in developing co-ordination in a serious way and will save time that is in most of the cases wasted while understanding that how this online system works. In addition, this will give more opportunities for the tricks to teach and learn.


Although remote teaching is difficult for a teacher and also equally difficult for a student it provides many benefits too. People from all over the world can engage, and it proves to be very helpful in the conditions just like we are facing nowadays of the pandemic.