Ideas to Promote Creativity in Learning

Ideas to Promote Creativity in Learning

Making time for creativity in learning can be hard for educators as they need to accomplish a lot of things daily such as keeping up with school curri

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Making time for creativity in learning can be hard for educators as they need to accomplish a lot of things daily such as keeping up with school curriculum, meeting and listening to the parents and delivering the lectures regularly. Creativity is considered a natural ability and a persona trait one should born with. When it comes to promoting creativity in the classroom during the learning process, most of the teachers think that it is something that cannot be taught. But, many of them believe that creativity is a skill and students can learn it.

Educational institutes equipped with modern technology and education trends are doing a great job to promote creativity in learning by having creative classrooms. Such classrooms provide students with a superb learning environment where they are better able to express their ideas and thoughts effectively and can also think outside the box to find appropriate solutions for problems and to get things done accordingly. In this way, they can learn fast and effectively while developing creative thinking skills as well.

Other than creative classrooms, there are several strategies and activities that can help promote creativity in learning. Some of them are listed below here in this article.

Recognize Creativity

Identify creativity whenever you see or find it. Also, develop a classroom environment to promote and recognize creativity as well.  Surround students with things showing different ways to think creatively. For this purpose, you can embellish your classroom walls with bulletin boards containing ways students can recognize their own creativity while doing different things. If some of your students are doing a great job, remember to showcase their creativity to other students. It will encourage them to do so. It could be an inspiration for other students and will develop creative thinking skills as well.

Embrace Creativity as Part of Learning

Let students know that creativity is a part of learning. Design classroom in a way to provide students with different ways for the effective problem-solving process. In this way, they will be able to learn more creative solutions to deal with real-world issues and problems by using their creativity. Also, educate them about finding more creative ways to learn effectively.

Make Room for Visual Reflection

Reflective activities allow students to engross knowledge and information more effectively and also improve their creative understanding. When you display visual learning exercises and techniques in the classroom, students are more likely to adopt creative thinking when learning school curriculum. Also encourage students to list down their ideas on board so they can solve the issues more competently than ever.

Encourage Curiosity

Spend time on finding out what are the interests of your students and what encourages them more to learn effectively. Once you have found that what drives your students well, inspire them to look deeper in it. Let them ask questions while delivering a lecture and try your hard to clear their concepts in a best possible way. For instance, if a student is interested in culture, ask him/her to read more books and gather learning material about culture. Increase curiosity of students in subjects they love to learn. By doing so, you will see an amazing boost in creative thinking of students.

Active Learning

Implementing active learning in classroom like games, concepts and maps is one of the best ways promote creativity in learning. An enjoyable learning environment encourages creative learning too. Educators should interact with students to provide them with problem-solving opportunities to help them think creatively. Field trips should also be planned for students to educate them about real-world issues. Organizing round table discussions is also a great way to elaborate on interesting topics and problems.

Implementing Latest Educational Technologies

We are in the 21st century where countless tech solutions are available to improve the teaching and learning process. There are several ways we can use technology in the classroom. Internet is the best option to get learning materials in different forms like images, videos, infographics, and eBooks etc. A lot of educational tools are available that can be used to promote creativity in learning. Nowadays, we have easy access to great tech solutions that can help students to think and learn more creatively.