Rubrics – Why are Rubrics so Important

The teacher by profession and in search of a tool that will make the students’ performance assessment process easier? Why you are not considering the rubrics?

Rubrics are excellent tools for educators to employ when assessing students’ work for more than a few motives.

With help of rubrics, educators are able to settle on exactly where a student’s work is great beyond the expectations of the syllabus or course, and where they need to bring improvement in performance.

Teachers can make use of rubrics from the beginning to the accomplishment of a student project by assessing their academic performances.

There are a lot of reasons why are rubrics so important in several academic settings and some of them are listed below;

Rubrics as a student assessment tool

The major and foremost use of rubrics in the study field is as an assessment tool to evaluate students’ performance or work.

They are flexible enough and can also be adapted to each academic assignment or to a course with the purpose of assessing learning objectives of students and their performances towards those objectives.

Rubrics are considered as number 1 assessment tools for educators because they can be a one size fits all tool and it is one of the reasons why rubrics are so important.

By using appropriate rubrics, teachers and instructors can consistently and moderately evaluate students’ work to a great extent.

Improved learning for students

Not only for educators, but rubrics are important for students as well, as an active and appealing form of improved learning.

After reading the figures and grades mentioned in the rubric, students find a way to focus on their areas of expertise to be improved, analyze the situation and also take some initial steps to improve the performance in future.

Carefully and accurately prepared rubrics always allow the student to focus on how to make things better in future to secure good grades and ‘excellent performance’ from teachers.

Rubrics as excellent communication tool for educators and students

It works like a superb communication tool between student and teacher as it shows the expectations of teachers, learning objectives of students and current performance of students at a place.

Through this way, students can learn about things they are bad in and how to overcome.

By making rubrics, teachers delineate the expectations and learning objectives for the specific assignment or course that students consider to show their best in next assessment process.

Benefits of using rubrics for student assessment are countless and monitoring the students is one of them. Through this way, teachers can focus on students that are falling behind their objectives to bring them on right track.

One may need some creative skills and a lot of time to create rubrics from scratch but here we have added free rubric template that can be edited with no trouble once downloaded and suitable for all types of academic settings.


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