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Dress code: Does it affect a student’s overall performance in school?

For teens who love strutting around in their low-riding jeans or ultra-miniskirts, the strict dress code enforced by schools, is, at times downright oppressive. Though not all, there definitely are many students – irrespective of which country they hail from- who resent school uniforms.

Does school uniform affect your grades?

While enforcers argue that school uniforms have definite impact on students’ behavior and academic performance, students fail to actually fathom the “connection”. Let us find out what the truth is. In fact, instead of drawing an arbitrary conclusion, we will try to substantiate our claims with the help of results … Read More

Students: Don’t let stress affect your performance

While most of us indiscriminately link a child’s inability to perform desirably in examinations to his lack of academic abilities, hardly any one attributes the same to stress. It’s difficult to understand why. There is no dearth of reasons why a student can’t be stressed and there is also no dearth of reasons why his stress can affect his academic performance adversely. And, what are the possible reasons behind stress among modern students? Peer pressure, future plans, examination blues and the like. And, what more? Today, there are a lot of students who are actually juggling part time jobs and … Read More