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Education in 2018: Major Trends to Look Out for

education in 2018

From online learning to AI-inclined settings and from niche education to augmented reality – education in 2018 will only assume a more challenging yet exciting shape. The education trends of 2018 – documented in this post – are all that educators need to know about. As has been expected, the education sector has been consistently keen on embracing technology in its more effective- more refined shape. 2018 will definitely witness the continued proliferation of technology in the education sector. Let’s unravel details right in the course of the post!

Artificial Intelligence will Play a More Significant Role

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Starting your Career? Know These Facts about Artificial Intelligence


If you are bracing up to make your foray in the professional world, then you should well be aware of the significant trends shaping job search or the recruitment process today. At the forefront of the changing trends is the predominance of Artificial Intelligence. Today, standing at the end of 2017, you can well imagine that talent acquisition via Artificial Intelligence is no more solely about finding a candidate with skills and experience. Artificial Intelligence is employed to secure important insights into candidate credentials – candidates that are actually deemed fit for senior positions.

How has Artificial Intelligence Boosted the

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