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Trends that will dominate the future of e-Learning

With our students securing access to some of the most exciting e-learning technologies today, it is indeed the right time to explore the future of this particular form of education. No, we aren’t really spelling out flawless predictions but are definitely looking at trends that will possibly shape the future of e-learning. So, let us explore.

Future of eLearning: Looking at a few trends

With e-Learning getting unprecedented mileage in recent years, there’s hardly anything which can be more interesting than gauging its future. Here is a look at a few possibly dominant future trends to throw light … Read More

How to make the best use of parent teacher meeting?

Parent-teacher meetings are designed to evaluate a child’s performance in school by means of discussions. It makes for a collaborative effort (from both the parents and teachers) towards the betterment of a student’s progress. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re only making the best use of this opportunity. After all, nobody understands the child better than his own parents and teachers and when both of them unite for his (i.e. the child’s) progress then desired results are sure to come.

Parent-Teacher Meetings: Where parents go wrong and what they should understand

Now, the problem with parents is that they … Read More