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Decreasing the Rate of Poverty: Greater Emphasis on Secondary Education


It was a few years back when UNESCO had published a paper claiming that education does have a crucial role to play in the eradication of poverty. The need to revisit this observation has been felt more intensely by us since the contents of new study by the United Nations have come into light.

Notably, a new United Nations study claims that the rate of global property can be reduced to its half if all adults choose to complete at least their secondary education. Before delving into the details of the new study, let us take a look back … Read More

Whites still receive better education than blacks, reports suggest

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Statistics South Africa recently revealed in a report that black South Africans – those aged between 25- 64 are still struggling when it comes to securing their higher education qualifications compared to other population groups. The report stated that white South Africans are far better off in this regard with 38% of them having post-secondary education. Further details of the report have been offered here.

What is the report all about?

The report is titled Educational Enrolment and Achievement 2016 and focuses on the status of the country’s present education scenario. This is only the third installment of the series … Read More