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How can you encourage creativity in classroom?

classroom creativity

In our bid to prepare students for standardized examinations, we are significantly losing out on the wonders that classroom creativity entails. Don’t be surprised if in the near future you come across more and more teachers complaining of the slow but eventual death of creativity in classroom. However, though creativity itself is on the verge of phasing out from school education, the need for creativity is still there. Its importance cannot be undermined. We need it for the development of well-rounded individuals.

Documented below are a few ways with the help of which teachers can encorage students nourish their … Read More

These are the reasons why Pokémon Go will impact education

Days after its launch, we’re still not being able to get over Pokémon Go and the wide array of benefits it has to offer us. Players across the globe had been unequivocal when it came to hailing this game not only as a great stress buster but as a great way to combat depression as well. Players have to go out and play. The game, as such, has worked wonders for people battling depression and as such had so far isolated themselves from others by mostly staying indoors.

Has the game really facilitated learning?

However, the game’s beneficial attribute has … Read More