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The Importance of Gratitude at Workplace

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Are you an employee or an employer? Regardless of which end of spectrum you are on you will never be able to imagine the kind of impact gratitude has in the job scenario today. As an employee you might as well feel underappreciated at work. As an employer you might as well have missed every opportunity to praise your employees for their contribution to the company. None of us is aware of the possible consequences till we actually come across concrete evidence.

How does gratitude help a company to grow?

As per Pay Scale today around 40% of employees … Read More

Students: Don’t let stress affect your performance

While most of us indiscriminately link a child’s inability to perform desirably in examinations to his lack of academic abilities, hardly any one attributes the same to stress. It’s difficult to understand why. There is no dearth of reasons why a student can’t be stressed and there is also no dearth of reasons why his stress can affect his academic performance adversely. And, what are the possible reasons behind stress among modern students? Peer pressure, future plans, examination blues and the like. And, what more? Today, there are a lot of students who are actually juggling part time jobs and … Read More