Tips to Manage your Time Effectively for Success

Tips to Manage your Time Effectively for Success

Time is valuable, especially when you are a student and want to chase your study goals. Time can be your friend rather than your enemy when you plan y

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Time is valuable, especially when you are a student and want to chase your study goals. Time can be your friend rather than your enemy when you plan your hours effectively to get more done in less time. Whether you plan study goals on daily, weekly or semester basis, you should be managing your study time to achieve academic success and below are some tips to manage your time effectively for ultimate success.

Stay Organized

Let you control the time instead of letting it control you. Time management can be easier and more effective when you have a clear picture of all your tasks, assignments and days. Stay organized about the things you want to accomplish in what time and then create a plan accordingly. In this way, you will be able to plan and manage time accordingly.

List the Things-To-Do Down

Listing down the tasks and things to be done by you can help you manage time in the best possible way. Simply write down all the daily study goals like assignments, homework, deadlines and exams etc. It will also help you remember the most important study related tasks and deadlines.

Priorities Wisely

Once all your tasks are written down, you should prioritize them wisely to get them all done on right time without getting late. For example, list all the tasks on top that are important and urgent, then important but not urgent and urgent but not important at the end. In this way, you will be able to utilize your time to get most important and urgent tasks done. By prioritizing your study relates tasks and assignments; you will be able to increase your chances of academic success.

Make a Schedule

Making a schedule will be easier after prioritizing your tasks. A schedule is something very useful that enables you to complete all the listed tasks and jobs on time as per mentioned timeframe. It keeps you focused on important things that must be done by you on specific time. Countless ready to use planners, study schedules, e-tools and mobile apps are available that can make the scheduling process easier and effective for students. Nowadays, students can make and keep schedules in their smartphones for convenience. Students can also set reminders and alarms in electronic schedules and planners to stay at the top of things.

Use a Calendar

A simple yet pleasing to eyes giant wall calendar in your study room can help you remember the important dates and days. For example, when you will mark the final exam dates on that giant calendar, you will have it in front of your eyes whenever you will enter into the study room. It will make you cautious about the things that matter a lot. In results, you will also be able to manage your day to day routines accordingly to get everything in your favor.

Use Review Cards

Use of review cards is another great way to manage time as well as to get things done on time. You should place review cards at common locations which you pass often such as on the door of the fridge, at the dining table, bathroom mirror and at the door of study room etc. It is the best way for remembering most important information easily and effectively to stay at the top of things.

Plan Things Logically

If you often feel sleepy after eating your lunch, then you should choose that time for rest instead of doing a most important task or assignment. Similarly, choose the most active hours of the day for important and time taking study related tasks to get them done effectively.

Take Care of Yourself

Eat healthy, stay hydrated and enjoy at least 8 hours of good night’s sleep to have a healthy body and active mind. Because, if you will have good health and an alert mind, you will be able to complete all your tasks and jobs on time.

Be Ready for Down Time

You are not a machine. So schedule some time for downtime, not only to take some rest and to get the energy back for other things yet to be done on your schedule. You should also have a plan B at the place to manage things in the best possible way when you are unable to follow your plan due to bad health or other unforeseen events.