Ways Teachers Can Prevent Bullying in the Classroom

Ways Teachers Can Prevent Bullying in the Classroom

When an individual is being hurt either by actions or words of any other person, it is known as bullying and it has become one of the serious problems

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When an individual is being hurt either by actions or words of any other person, it is known as bullying and it has become one of the serious problems for students who are attending school to chase their academic goals. With extensive use of technology, social media, and other ways students can be disgraced by the other people or by fellow students.

From physical actions to gossips, bullying can have the lifelong impact on students. That’s why, teachers, instructors and other faculty staff should play their part to prevent bullying in the schools and other academic settings.

In this article, we have compiled practical ways teachers can prevent bullying in the classroom in order to provide students with a great learning environment.

Let students know what exactly the bullying is

Letting your students know about bullying and its forms can be the first and foremost step to prevent it in your class or school. Let them know that how people are affected by it and also make sure that all students are aware of the penalties and punishment for bullying the other fellow students. Also, make strict rules to tell students that it is something very bad that cannot be tolerated and will be addressed accordingly.

Build Safe and Supportive Teaching/Learning Environment

Encourage the principles of respect and appreciate the students who monitor and inform regarding the bullying incidents. Educate your students to respect each other not only in the school but outside the school or class as well.

Develop Classrooms Rules to Prevent Bullying

Develop strict class rules and regulations so students can set an environment of responsibility and respect by their own. In results, the incidents of bullying in the classroom or school can be prevented automatically. Let students know your expectation in the classroom and reinforce the classroom rules to maintain a peaceful learning environment for students.

Stop Bullying on the Spot

Whenever you catch the bullying in the class or any other part of the school, get involved quickly to keep students away from it. Also talk to the involved students separately in order to get the issues resolved without creating problems.

Recognize ‘Gateway Behaviors’

According to the experts, tiny and unusual behaviors can be the indication the beginning several bullying forms and these indicators are known as ‘gateway behaviors’. These can be hard to detect but if identified on early stages, can play a vital role preventing bullying in the classroom.

Understand the Situation Cautiously

Whenever something happens in the school or classroom that can be a form of bullying, know the facts and understand the situation cautiously. Keep the involved students separate and listen to them with the closed mouth. If you are sure about the matter then try to resolve accordingly.

Get the Help of Others

A bullying victim is usually frightened to come forward and raise the issue and you may need the help of others to know the facts and to get know when the incident of bullying occurs either in the school or in the classroom. Make them your eyes and ears to prevent bullying in the classroom when you are not present.

Encourage Open Communication with Students

Build an environment to let students talk to you openly without feeling hesitation. Often ask them about the life matters and inquire how things are going on rather than studies. In this way, they will be able to talk you freely not about the study related things but the things in their personal life as well. This can be a great step for teachers to prevent bullying in the classroom.

Assign Students to Groups when it Comes to Accomplish Project or Group Assignments

When there is need to complete a study project or group assignment, always assign students to group yourself instead of allowing them to choose the groups of their own choice. If you are allowing them to choose their favorite class fellows for group studies, you are opening the doors to bullying incidents happen. By doing so, you will successfully be able to stop bullying in the classroom and to provide students opportunities to work with different students.

Support the Victim Students

You should also take initial steps to support bullying victims to make sure that bullying does not continue in the academic settings and its effect can also be minimized to provide students a best, effective and peaceful learning environment.