What are OERs – Benefits of using Open Educational Resources

OERs or open educational resources can be known as any type of educational stuff that is created and introduced with an open license and easily accessible in public domains.

Since OERs are means of education that anyone can lawfully copy, utilize, modify and re-share with others, Open educational resources are essential to open education as they help students in many ways to chase their educational and learning goals.

Benefits of using open educational resources for students are countless and can be found in form of textbooks, lecture notes, research papers, and assignments etc.

Anything created or written by an educational institute, instructor or teacher with an open license is OER and everyone can use free of cost even without facing copyright or any other issues.

As lowering the cost of education and learning is vital not only for enrolment but to ensure the success of students in every phase of learning and open educational resources are a great step to do so.

Benefits of using Open Educational Resources

Benefits of using Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Saves educational costs

Use of open educational resources is the best way to reduce the cost of education that a big number of students all around the world unable to pay due to the financial crisis.

A lot of students who cannot purchase expensive course books, educational materials and notes etc, they can enjoy the OERs even without paying pennies in return.

Use of the open educational resources is the affordable option for students to lower the overall cost of education.

Quick circulation

Quick circulation of educational information is one of the benefits of using open educational resources as compared to printed materials such as textbooks or journals (that may take months to obtain).

Through this way, students can accomplish their timelines and study goals without waiting for the materials for months.

Continually improved resources

As OERs come with the flexibility to make changes, these can easily be improved on the urgent basis that provides students improved resources to meet the latest educational trends and needs.

When it comes to bring some changes in vital educational materials, instructors and educators can acquire an already introduced OER, adjust it for a specific group of students or class, and then make the recently edited open educational resource available for many other students to help them in chasing learning goals.

Augmented student success

Effective learning is the only want to get success in the field of education and students can only secure good grades in class or institute by using most relevant and productive materials.

Use of OERs is the great way to enjoy increased student learning either in class or school because they are easily accessible and modified according to the latest educational trends to help students improve learning.

Huge support to study and work

As OERs are easily accessible over the web, they provide a genuine learning solution not only for students but for professionals as well.

By the way of open educational resources, high-quality learning materials are available anytime to support study and work as well.

Re-use of materials made easy

Calmness is one of the benefits of using open educational resources when you are reusing the material produced by someone else.

Since OERs are introduced with open licenses and allowed to share with others, there will be no need to contact the owner of OER in order to get permission for editing or reuse of your favorite one.

Through this way, more people can get benefits from the open educational resources without spending lots of time on necessary editing or modification as required.

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