How To Help Students Use Internet Safely For Educational Purposes

Since more and more educators and learners are using the latest technology like interactive whiteboards, tablets, and smartphones in the classroom, it should be one of the major concerns for educational institutes, teachers and parents to let students know how to be safe, accountable, and productive while using internet for education. We all know that how latest tech innovations are changing today’s classroom and more students are using the internet to gather online learning materials, useful information and many other things to chase educational objectives effectively. No doubt, the internet offers a huge amount of educational resources and learning materials that cannot be found in traditional books, but the internet can also be an unsafe place for students if they are using it for unproductive and useless things.

The core purpose of this article is to augment the knowledge of teachers and parents on how to help students use the internet safely for educational purpose.

Create a School Policy

Simply lay out the guidelines in clear and easily understandable format to let students and educators know that how much internet usage is expected in the classroom, what should be avoided when surfing the web for educational purposes and how they need to communicate with their fellows and teachers online etc. Glue this policy in the computer lab and make it easily readable by every student. Getting the school internet usage policy signed by all students is also an incredible idea to make sure that they are aware of the school’s expectations while using the web in class. It will help students understand the significance and enormity of their safety and security when they are online.

Let them know about Online Privacy

Online privacy is one of the most important things in this digital world for people of all ages. Students and learners must also be aware of the significance of online privacy. Organizing students, teachers meeting would be a great idea to educate them regarding the pros and cons of connecting to the world via the internet and what they need to do to enhance online privacy.

Have an Efficient Cyberbullying Report System

As the majority of the students use their mobile devices to surf the web for educational purposes, cyberbullying is a common issue these days. Teachers and parents should support students when it occurs and also let them know the best ways to use the internet for education. Every educational institute must have an effective cyberbullying report system and educators must also be educated to prevent bullying in the classroom.

Keep up with the latest Educational Tech Trends

Keep educational settings updated with the latest education technology and be there to assist students whenever they need your help regarding the use of technology in the classroom. Provide them with authentic, trusted and reliable online learning resources to keep them away from useless and time taking net surfing.

Provide Students with Resources

Millions of websites are out there on the internet but not every site is trustworthy and useful especially for students. When it comes to find useful learning material from the web, try your best to provide your students with authentic learning resources and prohibit all the unnecessary sites and resources in the school computer lab and classrooms. Let them use VPN connections if possible in order to provide them with foolproof online security and anonymity.

Focus on the Problem of Sexting

Just like cyberbullying, exiting has become another major issue among teenagers in this virtual world. Make some clear laws regarding exiting and make sure all students are aware of the consequences once an incident figured out. Discuss all the rules and policies with parents as well to help them support their children.

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