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Smart Ways To Use Technology In The Classroom

We all are surrounded by technology either while sleeping or when traveling to attend the class. Latest tech inventions are knotted in almost each and every walk of life even technology is transforming the way we learn. Most of the schools and educational institutes are also deploying the technology in the classroom effectively to make learning more effective and fun as well.

There are a lot of technology-based teaching methods that can effectually engage students and boost learning skills to help them stand out. However, many educators and instructors are facing the difficulties when it comes to use technology in … Read More

Education 4.0: The Dawn of “Digital Monarchy”?

education 4.0

In the era of smartphone classrooms, robotic home help and online examinations, it is not really difficult to envisage what Education 4.0 holds for us. Tipped as the future of education – poised to change consumption of information in a dramatic way, Education 4.0 in a way completes the phenomenon of digital penetration in our every day lives.

Is the Digital Influence Complete?

It has been reported that with the help of Education 4.0, students will be groomed to take the digital challenges head-on. At the heart of this phenomenon is creativity which of course will enable students to steer … Read More