Revision Tips For Students

Revision Tips For Students

Every student dream for an A+ grade but hate the exam time in the academic year, so what should be done to secure good grades in class? Nearly all students feel overwhelmed More »

Tips To Monitor Your Child’s Education

Tips To Monitor Your Child’s Education

It is said by education experts that students are more successful and luminous in class when parents’ support is with them whether in school or at home. Monitoring your child’s education is More »

A Few Myths about Startups Busted

A Few Myths about Startups Busted

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Benefits Of Humor In The Classroom

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Effective Study Strategies For Students

Effective Study Strategies For Students

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Significance Of Extracurricular Activities For Students

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Revision Tips For Students

Revision tips for students

Every student dream for an A+ grade but hate the exam time in the academic year, so what should be done to secure good grades in class? Nearly all students feel overwhelmed and stressful when exam days are about to come but effective revision is the recommended way to show the dazzling performance in the exam hall. The question is still there that how to make the revision effective and result driven? In this article, you will read some revision tips for students that everyone should know to stand out in the class. In exam hall, you may also feel besieged when there is need to fill up the answer sheet with meaningful answers to a variety of different questions during the exams. It is the time to test your learning that you have learned throughout the whole academic year or course and following revision strategies can help you to learn your recent lessons, subjects and lectures by heart to pertain in the exam hall.

Planning should be your foremost concern

Before entering the exam hall, you must have the grip on all your important subjects, lessons and important academic notes in order to fill up the answer sheet with the logical answers in order to get good marks. Make sure that you have a good revision plan that allows you to give enough time to revise all significant subjects, topic, and lectures efficiently. You can also put together a revision timetable to cover everything before delay.

Prioritize your subjects

Put up a list of all subjects and prioritize them all by keeping the subjects at top that require more concentration and time than others. Highlight the areas that need to be improved quickly and then place the subjects in list that you are fully confident about to revise in less time.

Find out a comfortable and peaceful place to revise

Environment matters a lot when you need to memorize something for long time so choose a comfortable and peaceful area of your house. It is also great to plan outdoor revision sessions with friends. Make sure that you have all important course books and notes in easy access in order to avoid distraction while revising.

Notes making can help make revision effective

While you are revising the subjects or lessons for class test or for final exams, you must write down some important notes and key points to learn by rote. These notes can help you in last minute revision before entering into the exam hall.

Past papers

Use of past papers is one of the best revision tips for students. It helps a lot in understanding the style of questions. Through this way, a student can plan and practice most relevant and vital topics.

Turn off all interruptions

Having your mobile phone, tablet or any other device near to you will probably break off the revision process. Turn such interruptions off to get some better results in tests by effective revision.

Keep yourself confident and motivated

Confidence is the most important thing that every student must maintain in the exam hall to perform well than others. It is almost important to keep yourself confident and motivated while revising your course books and subjects for final exams. Group study and combined assignments are some best ways to boost up confidence and motivation in students.

Tips To Monitor Your Child’s Education

It is said by education experts that students are more successful and luminous in class when parents’ support is with them whether in school or at home. Monitoring your child’s education is something more than putting your signatures on his or her report cards. It is fact that children feel better and positive when their families and parents are engaged in their academic activities and homework etc. no matter how much busy you are in your work or office, monitoring your child’s education and progress must be at the top of your daily chores because it will make him or her stand out in the class. If you are well educated parent, it would be easier for you to monitor your kid’s academic activities. Hence, if you need some tips to monitor your child’s education with your busy schedule, you must go through the whole writing to get some result driven ideas to supervise your kid’s progress in education. Below we have added terrific ways for parents that they can employ to put their child on precise track to get success in each and every phase of education.

Don’t ever miss parent teacher meeting

Knowing the teacher of your kid should be the very first step to support your kids in education. Almost all academic institutes organize parent teacher meetings on biweekly and monthly basis. You must join all the meetings with teachers to stay updated about the progress of your little angel in the class and academic tests.

Stay connected with your child’s teacher

Maintain strong connection with teacher of your child outside the school or class. It will help you to keep an eye on your kid’s activities and engagement in different academic or extracurricular activities. Stay connected with your child’s teacher via phone call or face to face meeting to monitor your child’s education and progress.

Check the daily class diary or report

In order to spy that how your kids are doing in class, you must check the daily class diary on regular basis and don’t forget to read teacher notes. It will help you to support your kids in education a lot. Reading the teacher notes on regular basis will make you aware of your kid’s activities and overall performance in class.

Show your interest in his or her education at home

Kids cannot wait for a single moment to share amazing things they have done in class after reaching home. So, leave everything you are doing and allow them to share school conversation with you. It is the best way to know about your kid’s all activities in the class.

Inspect the school bag regularly

You must spend some precious moments on inspecting the school bag of your kids on regular basis. Search the bag for special teacher notes, class reports and examination date sheet and other likely documents if your kid is forgetting to share with you.

Know the grades and push for higher one

It is also important for you that know the grades of your child in class and encourage him or her to get a higher one if you are not satisfied with existing one. You must address the concerns if your kid is not getting the right outcome of his or her academic efforts.

How to Choose the Right Career- Career Tips

Are you seeking for some best tips to choose a right career just like other recent graduates? If your answer is yes then you have reached the perfect place to read a startling reading on how to choose the right career. Right career selection is a hard thing after completing your studies but a defined career plan and direction can make the process easier for you to get hired for an apt position or job according to skills and expertise you own. You can only have a bright future if you are doing that you can easily accomplish without losing interest. You will certainly enjoy the professional life if you have chosen the right job for you. Have a glance at following tips for choosing the right career in order to be succeeded in your life ahead.

Assess yourself

First of all, learn about yourself in order to get success in career. Self-assessment tells you that what you can do efficiently and which job, profession or position will suit you according to the professional skills and personal traits you have. You can acquire a variety of self-assessment tools over the web to complete the assessment process in short time with some real results. Before applying for any vacant position of job, make sure that whether you have skills, experience, and discipline for the structured work environment to accomplish the assigned duties or not.

Consider what type of work you can enjoy

If you are comfortable in music composition then don’t ever want to be a doctor. Just consider the profession or position that you can confidently perform without facing troubles. Making a list of potential occupations can also help you a lot in choosing a right career.

Learn the duties of each occupation in your list

Career choice will certainly be difficult for you if you have a big list of occupations and vacant positions. Learning about the job duties and responsibilities for each job or position will assist you to think about a right and pleasurable career. Remove all the occupations from your list that are not matching with criteria of your skills and expertise and then go with the finest option.

Set your career goals

Setting up career goals helps you in knowing that where you are right now and where you want to be in future. It keeps you focused on your destination and enables you to go by everything difficult in your way of career success.

Build self-esteem

There is a strong connection between self-esteem and career success. One must be confident enough about values and abilities while choosing a career because positive self-esteem is a must requirement in career building that steers you towards invincible success.

Take the financial situation into consideration

As an experienced professional if you are about to shift the company or profession, you must be aware of your financial position as there can be lots of issues while shuffling the company or job.

Ask something to help you

After a successful self-assessment, if you are still confused to choose a right career path, you must hire a career coach to get help from. It is the best option for you if you can afford because a professional career coach is a person who helps you in measuring your talents to help you in finding the way of success.

Education Policy: How is Singapore Doing Things Differently from Other Countries?

education policies

If reports of Singapore’s academic supremacy have taken you by surprise then you perhaps are not the only one to have reacted thus. The world at large is presently finding it a bit difficult to comprehend the reason behind such claims in the wake of the country’s continued struggle against sluggish economic growth and unemployment.

Singapore is Saddled by Poor Economic Growth: Can Education Help?

Last year, Singapore witnessed its lowest GDP growth and highest rate of unemployment since the global financial meltdown. Quite fascinatingly – however- these are the reasons why Singapore has been able to work on its renewed focus on educational growth. Countries like Britain, India, Australia and Indonesia have repeatedly stressed on the need for focusing on modified education systems geared to serve economic and social imperatives more effectively. Their declarations however have not really been implemented into reality.

How Singapore is Taking Concrete Steps to Battle the Essentially “Sordid” State of Affairs

Singapore – as Andrew MacIntyre observes – is however, a “fascinating exception”. The government has realized that only educational reform can help them battle their current woes in the form of abysmal economic growth and continued demographic decline. They have understood that simply allowing more foreign labor will not really help their electoral ambitions anymore because of the strong opposition to immigration.

It was only in the month of March that Committee on the Future Economy (the top task force) outlined a string of strategies that included the educational policy. Notably these strategies were meant to reshape the economy of the country.

Singapore has always been known for investing heavily on elite universities. However, the present educational reform seeks to put the focus on skills training and applied education. This according MacIntyre is the most remarkable aspect of the educational reform.

In this regard mention must be made about SkillsFuture Singapore. It has been set up with the sole aim of guiding people of all ages at different phases of their career. While skill programs and targeted education are in focus, there are relentless efforts to align these attributes with the demands of economic growth.

Education in Singapore: How the Country is Shifting Focus

Polytechnics and applied universities – for instance – have been bestowed with a major boost. If all this while the country was more concerned about academic distinction, the new reform calls for improved focus on work-oriented learning and constant re-skilling.

In most of the countries out there, the elite universities have implicitly been opposed to the idea of pursuing education primarily for employment. Singapore however has shunned this concept in its entirety. It does continue to provide brilliant avenues to higher study nonetheless.

If you are talking about education policy innovation then Singapore has clearly taken a leading role – demonstrating a remarkable resolve to stand by its efforts to reshape educational policies in a major way.

Needless to say, it’s heartening to see one country which is taking such meaningful strides in the field of education. We only hope that other countries are similarly stirred to action as well.

The Importance of SATs Tests

Appraisal is a vital part of learning process and when it comes to choose capable candidates for a particular academic program or study course, most of the academic institutes and organizations get help from different college entrance exams for student assessment before considering them for the admission. These assessment tests or college entrance exams are particularly intended to determine skills and expertise of students who want get admission in college or university for higher education. SAT is one of the common college entrance tests which were introduced to the National Curriculum in 1990 for seven-year-old students. Later in 1994 SAT was officially introduced for eleven-year-olds to assess that how well students are ready to continue studies on college level. It stands for ‘Standard Assessment Test’ and helps the admission committee a lot in deciding whom to accept for the college admission.

Importance of SAT in education

Most of the students suppose that SAT test is not a part of schooling so why to take it? But they must also know that rivalry for college acceptance is rigid than before and the majority of famous academic institutes require a student with good SAT scores in order to get the admission in college or university for favorite subjects. A big number of students take the SAT exam countrywide in order to get admissions to colleges and universities without facing difficulty. The importance of SATs test in education cannot be deprived of by any brilliant student because mostly scholarships and grants are also based on good SAT scores and the applicant must be good in the results. Since it is a useful tool for measuring and comparing the competency of students before allowing them for the admission, students must aware of the importance and role of the SATs test in education. In simple words, a student must have good scores on the SAT results in order to get into the favorite high school, college or university for higher education.

Role of SAT in college admission

As it is mentioned in recent lines that assessment is the key element in education and learning process, different academic institutes are using several assessment tests and college entrance exams to assess students when they show interest in getting admission. SAT is one of them and role of SAT in college admission is definite because it is required by almost all academic institutes of United States and all over the world. Admission committee or officers try their best to get a complete picture of who you are & what academic skills you have and score of the SAT exam helps them a lot in assessing a student for the admission. It also helps students a lot in getting ready for the next phase of the study to compete students of the equal level or high. The role of SAT in education is enormous even it also enables students to get hired for their favorite positions as some high profile jobs require good SAT score and it can make an applicant stand out.

Must Haves for Organized Teachers

An organized teacher along with all classroom essentials can deliver a lecture more efficiently than one who doesn’t have required material and stuff for smooth delivery of the lesson. Classroom management is a vital aspect of a better learning environment and there are so many important things every teacher needs in the classroom to teach the students well without any difficulty or obstacles. Whether you just starting the career out as a new teacher or it’s time to attend the class after summer vacations, here you can have a list of must haves for organized teachers and hopefully, it could be great information for every new or expert teacher to make an organized come back to school. It is the list of things that every teacher must have in the classroom even on hands when walking into the classroom with the expectation of a successful lesson delivery.

Essential teacher supplies needed in the classroom

Welcome banner

When it comes to the start of new class or back to school after vacations, a beautifully created welcome banner could be a great motivational tool to invigorate students for effective learning. An expert teacher can design the banner on personal computer easily from scratch or by using a suitable welcome banner format. It must be placed at classroom entrance so every student can view it easily.


The stapler is a vital classroom essential because it is a tool that helps you to affix lose papers or files quickly. It is always on the top list of things every teacher needs in the classroom for an excellent teaching-learning environment. One can purchase it easily from a stationary store.

Paper basket

There must be something practical but good looking to manage and arrange different files such as attendance sheets, papers, student journals and so on. A beautiful paper basket is a thing that you must have on your table to place your important document and student related documents & papers in an organized manner.

Filing cabinets

Effective record keeping is something that shows great work of a teacher and there must be something in class to keep files and school reports safely. Nothing but simple but elegant filing cabinets are the best choice to keep your important files and documents out of harm’s way.

Weekly/monthly planner pages

Planning is the key to get success and you must have weekly or monthly planner pages in your classroom to plan class related things like lessons, examinations, homework and many other likely things. You must give planner pages to each your students so they can plan academic activities on their own easily.

Glue/Gum stick

What you do if there is need to fasten student’s picture on admission form? Yes, availability of gum stick at the place will make the work simple for you so you must add up the glue or gum stick in the list of must haves for organized teachers.


Plastic lamination is the recommended way to keep your vital documents, papers, and reports safe and secure from risks. That’s why laminator is one of the things every teacher must have in the classroom in order to stay organized and fully equipped.

A Few Myths about Startups Busted


If you have just switched from a fairly well-known firm to a startup (quite simply because startups are a fad today), you would definitely want this professional transition to be backed by thorough insights. If not, this job switch will be riddled with a plethora of misconceptions that startup careers are mostly associated with.

And, what exactly are these myths? We will unravel in the course of this post!

Your life is a breeze at a startup!

Once you join a startup your life will be a virtual breeze. Try to find a life at first! Those who are making the switch mostly think that their life will be no longer about those excruciatingly long hours at the job. You’re absolutely missing the point when you are not acknowledging the fact that startups do have a lot to achieve within a very little time. Working weekends, late nights, odd calls for meetings etc are as regular a part of high-performing startups as they are of MNCs. If you don’t think you are ready to deal with this routine then you should look for startups that are ready to take it slow – then again your choices become way more limited than what you could imagine in this case.

You can be nothing less than a geek if you are a part of a startup

You are necessarily not required to be a tech genius in order to make the cut. It is important to be technically aware if you want to be a part of the startup culture. However, that necessarily doesn’t really mean that you have to be a super coder in a bid to aim for career advancement.

Talk about a few of the important startup responsibilities like sales, marketing and management – they are not really dependent on technical prowess. However, if you are still prudent enough to hone your basics HTML/CSS coding then you can expect to shore up your position in a startup.

They earn quick money

Don’t think that startups are very quick to raise money. Not every startup raises as quick money as you think them to. As per report, only around 3% of the startups are actually successful in raising the venture capital. It has been very wisely pointed out that your decision to join a startup should be driven by your willingness to bring something to the table rather than just enjoying the benefits that these companies are generally associated with.


Life in a startup is essentially glamorous. This of course is essentially a fallacy. Thanks to the innumerable success stories churned in the Silicon Valley it is now believed that life in a startup is glamorous. However let us tell you that startups are nothing but small businesses. The latter is not used to brand new entrepreneurial ventures simply because it doesn’t sound as cool as what the former sounds.

Wade Foster, the CEO of Zapier (task automation startup) has rightly pointed out by saying running startups is not about attending parties or meeting people but about selling products and services.

How to Address Skill Gap if you Want to be a part of the Manufacturing Industry?

Industry 4.0

With the advent of the manufacturing industry, an increased number of businesses is now looking forward to explore data and automation facilities to shore up productivity. As much heartening this current transition of the industry is in terms of growth, it also means that many manufacturing jobs are not only transforming but disappearing altogether as well.

Manufacturing Industry: What’s New? The “Old” Completely Annihilated?

With the disappearance of old skills, many new job responsibilities or rather designations have surfaced as well. And, this is what has led to the increased discussion about the skill gap which, at present, the manufacturing industry is grappling with.

The transformation of the industry is particularly marked by the rise of robots and increased use of software. IT Solution Architects, Industrial Data Scientists, Robot Coordinators and User Interface Designers are the new designations. Manufacturers are in need of mastering the ability to run these new tools to capture, evaluate and utilize the available data. They need to develop these skills in order to pave the way for career advancement.

Skill Gap: Need to be Addressed by Employers and Employees ASAP!

However – quite unfortunately enough the gap between the workers’ pre-existing knowledge and the new skills that they need to adopt is only widening. Needless to mention, this skill gap has lately emerged as a matter of concern today. As per the Global Robots Technology Market: Forecast 2014-2020, around a whopping 70% of the CEOs and manufacturing executives actually believe that employees have demonstrated serious lack of computer and technological skills.

What more? 78% of these CEOs and executives believe that the existing skill gap will impact the scope of introduction of new technologies in their businesses thereby limiting growth as well.

How can the new skills be developed?

Seasoned employees are required to learn new skills in order to continue contributing to the businesses. Right from company-funded to country-funded digital training – there is actually a lot of factors that will shape their learning.

Exposure to digital skills is all about learning ways in which they can implement their pre-existing factory experience and knowledge along with digital learning to embrace the newer avenues of business growth.

It is imperative on the companies’ part to provide digital training on a more expansive scale than what they already do. It will be impossible for them to implement Industry 4.0 without “people”. Machines alone can in no way help them scale the kind of growth that they would want to. In countries like Spain, it’s the governments that have stepped in to harness digital power by providing free or low cost training.

Besides company and country funded training, employees can also turn to online digital courses including:

  • Online classes conducted by reputed names like Coursera
  • YouTube Videos
  • Certification courses provided by equipment and software companies
  • Group resources

The companies themselves should be at the forefront of the digital transformation. They need to play a pivotal role when it comes to fostering digital knowledge – and before that inculcating a sense of immediacy with which digital learning needs to be pursued.

Decreasing the Rate of Poverty: Greater Emphasis on Secondary Education


It was a few years back when UNESCO had published a paper claiming that education does have a crucial role to play in the eradication of poverty. The need to revisit this observation has been felt more intensely by us since the contents of new study by the United Nations have come into light.

Notably, a new United Nations study claims that the rate of global property can be reduced to its half if all adults choose to complete at least their secondary education. Before delving into the details of the new study, let us take a look back at the fundamentals of the previous report that we have mentioned here.

The Previous Report Establishing the Connection between Education and Poverty

According to the report, increased access to education can clearly lead to the decrease in poverty. Acquired – fundamental- skills like writing, reading and numeracy guarantee proven efficacy when it comes to its impact on the marginalized population’s income. It definitely leads to an increase in the returns as far as the overall economy is concerned. To start off with, let us point out that education has a pivotal role to play when it comes to changing food security structures. A very impactful study conducted in the year 1980 concluded that primary education does influence the quality of agricultural production. The study surveyed the effects of primary education on agricultural produce in 13 countries. It was found that the average annual gain in agricultural production was directly linked to the years of schooling. An 8.7% increase in production was noticed when the connection between agricultural produce and the years of schooling was taken into account.

The Recent UNESCO Study

In a way, the findings of the previous study have been reinstated by the new UNESCO study. In the recent years, the efforts to eradicate poverty worldwide have only been beefed up. The findings of the new studies – it can be said- have actually brought a new ray of hope for those working to meet their Sustainable Development Goal to wipe out poverty by 2030.

More on the Findings

According to the report, if the adults choose to complete their secondary education then around 420 million people could actually be lifted out of poverty–thereby reducing the total number of poor people in the world by more than half and by two-thirds in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The developing countries – between 1965 and 2010 had experienced tremendous growth, which of course was significantly steered by education. The Global Education Monitoring (GEM) team of UNESCO – based on these events concluded that around 60 million people can get out of poverty only if they choose to do two more years of schooling.

The UIS or UNESCO Institute of Statistics chose to release this paper (connecting global primary and secondary education to reduced poverty) right ahead of the UN High Level Political Forum to be held in New York from 10th to 19th July this year.

The paper also emphasizes the need for reducing the direct and indirect costs of education.

Want to Study Abroad? Are you Aiming for these Cities?

students studying abroad

Studying abroad is a liberating proposition – liberating because you get a chance to be completely on your own – managing home and studies all by yourself. It is also liberating because you might have realized all these years while studying in your home town that the infrastructural facilities available here and the education system itself will not help you unlock your true potential. So, abroad seems the obvious choice for further learning.

Doing your homework

It is important on your end to do your groundwork before zeroing in on a foreign city for education. The key is to figure out why you should select a foreign city over the other when it comes to your education. The QS Best Student Cities index has recently come up with its list to help students figure out their options when it comes to studying abroad. We are jotting down a few of those cities for you.

The universities were assessed in accordance with the following factors:

  • Student mix
  • University Rankings
  • Affordability
  • Desirability
  • Employer activity
  • What students themselves think

So, let us read on.

Vancouver: If you’re into snow-sporting then this one is for you!

Vancouver – the Canadian city has made it to the 10th place in the list – making a heartening jump of three places from the previous list. This particular city is hailed by students who double up as adventurers. Thanks to its mountains and overall outdoorsy environment—students who love snowsports have consistently extolled the city’s charm.

Berlin: Its liberal education policy and so much going for it!

Students have to draw so much from its dynamic culture – of course – ruled by a throbbing music and party scene. It remains the highest ranked German city today. Berlin has played a crucial role in backing the nation’s free education policy for all at the undergraduate level.

Montreal: The Power and Glory of “Culture”

It seems that culture has a very important role to play when it comes to steering the academic ambience of a nation or a city. Montreal – the cultural capital of Canada is a French-speaking city which has climbed six places from last year’s list to be at the numero uno position this year.

Today, it is touted as the best world city for students – thanks to the presence of a string of Canada’s top universities here. Montreal is also hailed for its overall friendly ambience and affordability.

London: Delightfully Unaffected by Brexit

In spite of the initial brouhaha over Brexit, UK today – it seems – remains unaffected by its decision to leave the European Union. The plummeting value of the British pound has actually made London quite affordable – compared to what it was earlier.

London is a traditional academic hub and as such there is no reason why it should have been excluded from the list. The city has acquired a prestigious 3rd place in the list since its post-university opportunities still remain fairly unmatched. What more?

It’s a world leader in culture, finance, cuisine, diversity and nightlife!