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Build a Successful career – Exceptional Career Secrets For Beginners

It is crucial fact that majority of job hunters who are experienced in the relevant field for years, may not be called for the interview if the resume or job application is not prepared with a required degree or academic credential which is mandatory for to get hired. Education is the very first and basic step for building a successful career as it enables you to find out the different between right and wrong. As everything in revolving around the technology in these days, having adequate knowledge and information about the relevant field or industry is becoming the most vital thing around the globe to get started for a triumphant career in future. After getting the professional degree from the famous institute of town, there are many other things that must be considered in order to have a more successful career. Below is the comprehensive guide to a successful career that consists of exceptional career secrets for beginners so keep carry the reading on, and learn tips for achieving career success.

Clear vision is at the top

Find out the reason of your existence and think about the vision to have more successful years in life to come. Having a clear vision brings more directions in your way to reach the career goals efficiently.

Set the priorities and goals

Today’s life is full of hard competition in almost all fields of life and one will have to do something extra in order to secure the honored position for an unbeaten career. Proper planning is the basic element that opens the door of success for you apart from the industry or field of life in which working you are. Priorities things at the start of the day and stay focused to chase goals without losing the right track.

Don’t put off learning

It is a famous saying that, “nobody knows everything but everyone knows something” so learn new things each day from any other in your friend circle, colleagues even from workers to make your knowledge and skills wider. Keep in your mind that, learning will go along with the career path and don’t limit yourself to only expertise you have.

Know your values and play with strengths

Building a successful career will be assured if you have well knowledge of your values and also know that what you can do skillfully. Beat your competitors by utilizing your personal and professional strengths to get success in your career and do things on regular basis to bring improvement in your values and skills you have.

Make the relationship bond stronger with mentor

Connection with a sincere mentor seems like a valuable asset for chasing career goals and consider finding a best one if you don’t have. Having a strong relationship with the mentor means you are preventing costly career mistakes to hunt your goals. He will support you at any time by giving you the leverage to put everything dreadful off of your way.

Build up professional networks for building a successful career path

Regardless of how intelligent or expert you are, support and help of others will be required in many situations to get things done accordingly. A fully active network of professionals with a common career path will definitely facilitate your journey towards successful career a lot.

Wine tasting: A flourishing career on the rise!

career in wine tasting

A glass of wine is the best way to relax and rewind after all the hustle at work. Wine tasting career option is a pleasurable occupation where you are remunerated for tasting varieties. Apart from salaried jobs liquor tasting is also a viable and lucrative business possibility. Esteemed institutions provide wine tasting courses all over the world all you need is to look up what suits you best. Wine tasting in brief is a rewarding career both personally and money-wise owing to the divine experience it bestows alongside being a great recompensing job. Find out details of wine tasting career right here.

What is wine tasting all about?

Having interest in wine alone cannot land you the sommelier job as the subject of wine has many layers to it. A taster’s job is way more than just wine tasting. In-depth knowledge can be acquired at workshops and is a must for students keen on taking up this career seriously.

Sommelier: What the job entails

Profound knowledge about wine particularities is essential to be an established sommelier. Upkeep, packaging and storage, costing are other peculiarities of this marvelous profession. A wine taster can effortlessly articulate which wine can best complement the food on display. ‘Blind tasting’ an analysis of shade of wines, the darker the older is again a skill enrichment activity. Education and passion may be the stepping stones but to be one in a crowd a wine taster must be able to comprehend with ease the taste, the texture, the flavor and the blend.

Do you have it in you? Know the prerequisites

Innate lust for wine, it goes without saying makes for the crux of the career. Then comes familiarity with the specifics of wine. When choosing a career with beverage one needs to liberal and have an upright sense of taste and smell. Wine tasters always have to be on the go as the profession demands at length travelling. Brush up your English communication skills as the job demands meeting and connecting with people and language aptitude is desirable. Ability to memorize and hold on to information together with culinary propensity and love for chemistry are other vital preconditions.

Earnings and incentives:

Freshers can expect a salary ranging from INR 20, 000 to INR 30,000 in India whereas senior professionals with years of experience can earn more than a lakh per annum.

Careers you can pursue in wine tasting:

A sommelier, a wine journalist or a writer, food critic, a lecturer or an educator and a consumer trainer— you one can choose the seemly pick as per your interests or aptitude or overall suitability.

At the outset the wine tasting course may seem to be an exorbitant outlay but career oriented students can make the most out of it. After gaining recognition and attaining a place in the industry there is no looking back. What was considered strictly to be a leisure activity yesterday has turned into a game changing line of work with plentiful opportunities worldwide today? 

Do Corporate Gyms Really Help?

corporate gym

There are not one but several benefits to be obtained from corporate gyms. Talk about battling the ill-effects of desk-bound lifestyle or the likelihood of increasing illnesses- one can actually go on to imagine the range of benefits that these corporate gyms have to offer. There are several people who believe that gymming at work is nothing but a waste of time, but it can safely be claimed that these employers are clearly on the erroneous line of belief. Read on to find out what we mean.

What Research Says

Betsy Nagelsen McCormack and Mike Yorkey in their book “Fit Over 40 for Dummies” put fore a research showing the cost-benefit analysis of corporate gyms. It was revealed that corporate gyms actually ended up saving more than around 1 to 5 dollars thus spent. It has been established that businesses that invested in gyms at work experienced decreased absenteeism and reduced number of applications for sick leave. This definitely led to decreased company costs and increased productivity.

Do we even need to urge the employees that you should go on to be a part of your office gym – if you have one?

Benefits of having corporate gyms

Having gyms at workplace is treated as a surefire means to ensure that employees are getting a chance to work towards their well-being. When you are hounded by constant work-pressure and deadlines – even a few light exercises can actually go on to help you “divert” and keep yourselves relaxed.

In the world of paradoxes, health consciousness is as strong a truth as obesity is. The number of people who hit the gym regularly isn’t imaginably surpassed by those who are not fond of giving up their guilty pleasures of life (read eating and not working out) for a perfect body. So, it can well be assumed that the corporate gym facilities do work as a perk for –if not all- at least a major section of recruits. There is no dearth of driven individuals who are absolutely ready to do anything to strike that perfect balance between their physical and career related needs. They don’t mind working out at the gym to maintain that fat-free frame and concentrate equally well on their work. There are many who are bound by time-constraints but there also are others who are ready to beat this challenge. For them, at least, a workplace gym is a definite perk.

Can you give negative feedback to your boss?

career booster

The chain of command is perhaps one of the first attributes that come to be associated with the much dreaded corporate environment. All of us are guided or instructed at work by corporate managers who have the required tools, expertise and experience to do their job (read guiding us). However, there are times when even bosses may end up looking for feedback from employees just as employees would expect from their bosses. Learning how to give feedback at office is definitely a career booster.

Why Upward Flow of Feedback is Desired

However, giving feedback to your employer turns out to be a scary proposition quite simply because of the fact that your boss – seemingly – would only appreciate what he wants to hear from you. It’s a tad difficult for you to offer your honest opinion because of the position (of power) enjoyed by your boss. As many trade gurus suggest that it’s not your job to tell your bosses what they should do. Instead you should try to find out what they do the best and align your ways of working accordingly and bolster your own performance.

However, it is also true that upward management is at times desirable for the well-being of the business itself. No employee or trainee is actually asked to pour their feedback in incessantly – that’s not appreciated. However, the job of your managers is to help you complete your task successfully. The occasional exchange of views (regarding work) only shores up the collaborative environment—thereby fostering a more productive ambience.

Should you be scared of giving negative feedback?

So, as an employee if you are asked to give your feedback don’t be flabbergasted since you have a few suggestions to offer. Acquaint yourself with the correct ways of communicating your suggestions so that you don’t up insulting your boss unwittingly.

Make sure you are not correcting your manager in front of everyone else. That goes true even for managers who are making an effort to correct their employees. Even if you don’t have any other option but to offer your feedback along with every one else you would definitely want to “mould” your expression to make it sound more polite. For instance, instead of saying “What if it was done this way..” say “I really think it would have helped if …”.

It is also very important to understand and acknowledge the fact that there are certain attributes of the company that your boss doesn’t have control over. It would help if you put forward these suggestions after acquainting yourself with these constraints are.

Why up-skilling is important for women?


A lot of working women around the world often quit their jobs just so that they are able to spend more time with their near and dear ones or even do things that they have always wanted to do. However, after they are done taking a break they wish to return to their professional lives as well. The biggest issue for most women at this stage is whether they would be able to get back into the professional world just as easily as they came out of it. The major problem with them is that they lose touch with the industry that they were working in.

Losing touch

Normally, they do not know anything about the latest trends in the industry that they had been working in for so long. This happens even more so in cases where they are forced to work just to earn – where there is no love or interest involved. This is why with the first chance that they get these women leave their jobs faster than a rat would escape from a sinking ship. In the years that they are away a lot of technological developments happen in the field that they were working. Having not kept pace with the same they find themselves bereft of the necessary experience in such regards.

Achieving the perfect balance

This is why it is very important that women try and achieve that perfect balance between their personal and professional lives. Otherwise they can find serious challenges when they try and be employable following a lengthy hiatus from work. It is very important that a break from work be utilized by increasing one’s professional skills – a process that is also referred to as up-skilling or re-skilling. It can significantly help them with their careers. One of the unwritten but well-understood laws of the professional world is that you have to be always relevant.

Taking responsibility

As a professional the onus always rests on you to make sure that you can stay at par with the expectations of your employers. With up-skilling and re-skilling a professional is able to gain or regain the capabilities and knowledge needed to work in the industry that she had been working before. Now, technology is getting better at a rate that is much quicker than what we can even imagine. There is always a chance that when she was on a break a lot has changed. This is where proper planning can be of so much help.

Career Success: A Few Myths Debunked

career myths

The first myth that we have regarding our careers is that we need to follow a certain path, one that has been followed earlier by other successful people. It is true that it is always better to follow a proven path for a successful career. However, this does not mean that you cannot be prosperous if you follow an untested and uncharted path.  The face of the marketplace is changing each and every day with the influence of globalization. This means that you are always going to come across newer ideas as well as paths that have not been taken before.

Charting a unique course

While trying to choose a career you should not be afraid of the fact that you may be breaking the rules. In fact, your route to being prosperous can be as unique as you are. You should also remember the fact that your bank balance does not define how successful you are.  Quite often it so happens that people take up certain careers just so that they can earn lots of money. The problem is that most often they are not comfortable with what is happening. They are either not made for it or they have no interest in the same.

Pursue your passion

This is why it is very important that you pursue an area that you are passionate about. If you love what you are doing you can be sure that all the wealth, fame, and power that come with it will soon be yours. Quite often when people determine their or others’ worth on the basis of the money that they have in their bank accounts they tend to fall short when it comes to the big moments. It is also important to know that you have an idea of what is best for you.

You know what is best for you

It is true that when you were a child your parents knew what was going to be good for you. But that does not apply anymore now. At that time, it was the duty of your parents to make sure that all that was necessary for you was taken care of by them. You are grown up now and it is time you took charge of your own life.  It is better that you properly understand what you want from your life. When you know that you will be able to determine what career would help you reach your goals.

What kind of career myths do you believe in?

Food Styling: Exploring its Prospect as a Career

food styling

Food styling. The words do not really ring a bell when we’re talking about lucrative career opportunities. Who are food stylists? The ones who’re responsible for arranging food for food photography. So, the photograph of the sundae which you came across a magazine looks so good because a culinary professional has taken the trouble to ensure that hot-fudge sundae doesn’t end up looking like a helpless chunk of sugar laced with corn syrup. The sundae looks delicious because of the food stylist. And, if you’re eager to jump to conclusions regarding the “insignificance” of food styling as a profession, then do ensure that you are going through the next segment of the post.

Food Styling: Can it be treated as a profitable career?

How do we adjudge the profitability of a job? Numbers are definitely the way to go. Professionals who are associated with the special food services are closest to being called “food stylists.” These professionals, as per Bureau of Labor Statistics earned an average salary of $ 40,890 in the year 2010. So, you can well imagine that to claim that food styling is not a financially rewarding career option would be to undermine its scope.

What more? Food styling is as nuanced a profession as food photography is. Even if someone is looking at food styling as a side hustle, he/she must have the following skills or qualifications:

  • Passion for food
  • Eye for details
  • A degree in culinary arts

If you are interested in food styling you should understand that there is no actual degree for food styling but most of the aspirants start off with culinary arts degree.

Job Responsibilities of a Food Stylist: Basics and Beyond

As far as food styling is concerned, there are more responsibilities than just arranging the food artfully. The stylist is also responsible for making the food taste good as well. There are commercials or cooking shows where the models have to actually eat the food. Under such circumstances, the food stylist has to be careful about the garnishing added by him/her. For instance, it wouldn’t really be prudent to add Pennzoil on pancakes. Plus there are laws that necessitate parity between the food thus advertised and the actual food to be sold.

It is important for food stylists to be duly aware of the nuances of food photography as well. Let us tell you that food stylists have to take care of nuances of things that other artists don’t even have to bother about.

Are you Mulling a Job Change at 50?

switch jobs when you’re 50

Why would you want to work for a long period of time? Why would you want to work at least part time in retirement? Different people actually have different needs as far as working longer is concerned. The primary need – definitely is money. However, the degree of the “need” definitely varies. While some work “just for money”, there are others who “just cannot afford to retire from job completely”.

Workers who want to work long term: What’s the good news for you?

So, if you are someone who want to work for a long term then this particular post is meant for you. Let us tell you that most of the people out there are like you – most of them want to work as long as they can. As per a study, workers who switch jobs at the end of their career usually get to stick to their job on a longer basis.

As per Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, employees who voluntarily switch jobs in their 50s are likely to stay a part of the workforce longer than what’s the case with those who choose to stick to the same job for a long time. According to other reports, the likelihood of still being a part of the workforce at the age of 65 years was actually 9.1% points higher for employees who change jobs in their later years.

The immediate implication of the same is that you should actually go on to make the switch if there’s scope and not be held back by age. If you are getting a chance to change your job in your 50s, you shouldn’t really be apprehensive of trying the new job thinking that there’s no point in leaving your old job because you’re already on the verge of retirement.

What do the experts have to say? Find out

Geoffrey Sanzenbacher, who works as a research economist at the Centre for Retirement Research opines that if anybody is able to find a job which seems better than his existing job and is worth a switch – such a scenario- on an average – at least leads to longer careers.

It has been maintained by experts that none can rule out the risks entailed by late job switch. There are chances of discrimination and of course that constant nudging fear of leaving a fat paycheck – but the current job market is indeed suitable for the leap.

What are your job responsibilities as a security analyst?

job prospects

With technology emerging as the biggest job sector in the year 2016, potential security analysts have a whole new world of openings to explore today. However, there is still a considerable degree of ambiguity surrounding the job responsibilities of security analysts. You might as well be keen on doing something with cyber security in the near future and are perhaps wondering if at all there are lucrative chances in the field of security analysis or not. Let us take a look at further details in order to be duly guided in this regard.

What are you supposed to do as a security analyst? A brief look at the same

Before delving into substantial details, let us tell you can land up with meaningful job offers as a security analyst. On any given day, you would be required to perform the following responsibilities:

  • Carry out vulnerability testing, security assessment and risk analysis
  • Plan and execute security controls and upgrade them as well
  • Track security access and maintain data
  • Establishing protocols designed for protecting digital files and other information systems against unauthorized access, destruction and modification
  • Coordinating security plans without the help of outside vendors
  • Manage and control network and detect intrusion
  • Assess security breaches and determine their root cause
  • Conducting internal security audits
  • Conducting external security audits
  • Installing appropriate countermeasures and tools to deal with security breaches
  • Anticipating security alerts

The role of a security analyst: Analyzing the “real” prospects

Based on the varied responsibilities, a security analyst might as well be called by different names including Security Manager, Security Architect, Security Consultant and Security Engineer. These might as well be the logical paths to your career growth (like from security analyst to security manager to architect and so on).

Recruiters are yet to zero in on a specific degree when it comes to selecting security analysts. However, they will be looking for a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security or Computer Science or any related field. Even if you don’t have a degree as such, you can still end up impressing recruiters with due experience and certifications. Remember, your troubleshooting skills will be under scanner while you’re appearing for boardroom interviews.

So, make sure you are getting in touch with hiring agencies to impress them with your skills today!  Wish you all the luck for the wonderful journey of yours.

Online Job Search: A Few Misconceptions to Get Rid of

online job search

Believe it or not, modern job search is riddled with misconceptions. A casual internet search virtually opens up a world of job opportunities for you and you think that signing up for multiple job portals at the same time might as well result in you being flooded with job offers. However, let us tell you that this one remains one of the most notable misconceptions in the world of online job search. We will tell you why and acquaint you with more such job search myths in the course of the post. Do read on in order to be duly informed.

#Myth 1: Signing up for more job portals entails a greater number of job opportunities

You might as well believe that signing up for more job portals will actually go on to help you secure more job offers. However, let us tell you that there is no guarantee of the same. Numbers have proven that online job search is not the proverbial elixir that job seekers think it to be. The internet is definitely an important part of the job search but let us tell you that as per reports, only 5 percent of job seekers get jobs through online job portals. Make sure you are considering newspaper ads besides the online ones as well.

#Myth 2: You will get a response within a day or just a few days of applying

You will get a reply as soon as you apply. This is another online job search myth that you should make yourself aware of. You have taken great pains to modify your resume and are probably expecting a response as soon as possible from the recruiters’ end. However, you have to understand that every recruiter has their own sweet time for checking out updated resumes and follow up with the updated job portals. A more effective job search is characterized by you keeping in touch with the human resources after sending over your application.

#Myth 3: You get all the job openings online

Much to the shock of job seekers, let us tell you that only 15-20 percent of the job demands are actually advertised. Most of the job openings are actually a part of the closed job market. So, before getting too hopeful about the online job search opportunities make sure you are duly steering clear of such misconceptions.

Educate yourself more about these myths just so that you can steer clear of them and adopt a more meaningful approach towards your job search.

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