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Significance Of Extracurricular Activities For Students

Activities that students perform in after school hours or outside the classroom are recognized as extracurricular activities. These not make an individual person physically strong but also help a lot in building a burly and smart mind. Education is not all about teaching students in four walls of the classroom and not only academic activities can put up luminous students but with a balanced amalgamation of some co-curricular activities. Teaching students course books in the class or during the lecture is not the right meaning of education but there must also be the intellectual, physical, moral and social growth in students to make them proficient in all walks of life. Extracurricular activities are not constituents of academic prospectus but can help students out a lot in taking their study up in a dynamic way. It is also approved by studies that students involved in extracurricular hobbies are be likely to secure good grades in class than students like book warms. A variety of different co-curricular activities range from athletics, sports, scouts and debating are considered as an integral part of the vibrant educational environment by many advanced academic institutes.

The significance of extracurricular activities for students cannot be denied at any cost as achievements outside the school shows that what a student is fanatical about and how it can help him or her for a bright future. Healthy engagements of a student outside the class can offer him or her imaginative skills and a golden chance to learn about personal traits that can be used to make learning fun and calmness. The role of extracurricular activities in education is astounding as students cannot enjoy healthy learning with only academic attempts. Let’s have a glance on below listed tremendous benefits of extracurricular activities for students:

Confidence booster

When students participate in different co-curriculum activities, they learn lots of rules and beliefs along with opportunities to succeed or fail on their own which is a great way to build self-confidence. They can learn a lot from peers like good manners and timekeeping.

Strong body with a strong mind

“Health is wealth”, a very common saying shows it all that a healthy student can learn more in school hours than an indolent one. Participation in extracurricular activities not only makes students physically fit but also strengthen their minds for quick learning. A strong and strapping mind can help students maintain patience and resilience even in the anxiety of exams.

Effective time management and punctuality

Effective time management and punctuality are enormous advantages of taking part in extracurricular activities that students can enjoy to speed up learning in class. A big number of students every year fail in chasing academic goals due to poor time management skills and lateness. Students, who need to manage extracurricular activities with busy academic routine, can plan out the time more productively. Participation in extracurricular activities is also the best way to invigorate the mental power after a day of meticulous school hours.

Broad social connections

Taking part in co-curricular activities also foster teamwork and social skills as it offers students to spend more time with other people who are of similar interests and hobbies. Broad social connections can help students learn how to work as a team and also help them in learning professional skills for a successful career in future.

Do Corporate Gyms Really Help?

corporate gym

There are not one but several benefits to be obtained from corporate gyms. Talk about battling the ill-effects of desk-bound lifestyle or the likelihood of increasing illnesses- one can actually go on to imagine the range of benefits that these corporate gyms have to offer. There are several people who believe that gymming at work is nothing but a waste of time, but it can safely be claimed that these employers are clearly on the erroneous line of belief. Read on to find out what we mean.

What Research Says

Betsy Nagelsen McCormack and Mike Yorkey in their book “Fit Over 40 for Dummies” put fore a research showing the cost-benefit analysis of corporate gyms. It was revealed that corporate gyms actually ended up saving more than around 1 to 5 dollars thus spent. It has been established that businesses that invested in gyms at work experienced decreased absenteeism and reduced number of applications for sick leave. This definitely led to decreased company costs and increased productivity.

Do we even need to urge the employees that you should go on to be a part of your office gym – if you have one?

Benefits of having corporate gyms

Having gyms at workplace is treated as a surefire means to ensure that employees are getting a chance to work towards their well-being. When you are hounded by constant work-pressure and deadlines – even a few light exercises can actually go on to help you “divert” and keep yourselves relaxed.

In the world of paradoxes, health consciousness is as strong a truth as obesity is. The number of people who hit the gym regularly isn’t imaginably surpassed by those who are not fond of giving up their guilty pleasures of life (read eating and not working out) for a perfect body. So, it can well be assumed that the corporate gym facilities do work as a perk for –if not all- at least a major section of recruits. There is no dearth of driven individuals who are absolutely ready to do anything to strike that perfect balance between their physical and career related needs. They don’t mind working out at the gym to maintain that fat-free frame and concentrate equally well on their work. There are many who are bound by time-constraints but there also are others who are ready to beat this challenge. For them, at least, a workplace gym is a definite perk.

Does increased spending guarantee better academic performance?

school funding

Is improved funding directly proportional to improved education? This question, very surprisingly, has remained unanswered for a long time – blame it on the inconclusive researches conducted from time to time – or for that matter the never-ending debates between politicians, educators and unions. Until the recent past, there was no clear consensus regarding the place of money in education. Factors like parental education, student poverty and school organization have been touted as major contributors to academic results.

Will increased funding really facilitate academic growth?

Opponents of increased school funding opine that academic excellence doesn’t have anything to do with money. However, a recent study conducted by economists Jesse Rothstein (University of California, Berkeley), Julien Lafortune and Whitmore Schanzenbach of Northwestern has actually revealed that increased spending does have a bearing on education. Let us discover details in the course of this post.

The first-of-its-kind study which was published by the National Bureau of Economic Research tested student test scores of 26 states that have altered their funding method (schools) since 1990. They also tested 23 states that did not introduce any change in the way they fund their schools since 1990. The results were compared accordingly. The period starting from 1990 is important because that was the time when the court started changing the laws regarding state obligation to public school students.

School finance researchers faced a difficult challenge on their way to zeroing in on conclusive results. It was clear that money wasn’t really the end in itself but definitely a means to producing better results. Until a time, states went on having their own standards and related tests. As such, it was difficult to compare results of tests conducted by different states.

Does increased funding help? What the different studies revealed

It was only with the introduction and eventual adoption of the Common Core State Standards that it became possible to draw comparisons. The aforementioned researchers did find that in the long run within the comparable time frames the states that did invest money for the lowest-income school districts saw more academic improvement than the states that didn’t do the same. There was another study which tested the longer-term outcomes of improved school funding. They examined how students stayed at school and how they earned as adults. The researchers definitely observed more gains with more money spent.

Your prospect of learning English online – How effective is it going to be?

learning English online

With the invasion of technology in today’s classrooms, learning English or any other language doesn’t have any relation with sitting inside a classroom and solving tricky grammar exercises. Ideal English language teachers boost you to do plenty of surplus learning outside what you learn in school and in the school English text books. There are numerous ways in which you can improve the comprehension abilities of the language and many of such methods are indeed lot of fun.

We all know that different people respond to a new language in a different method. While someone may learn perfect English attending classes sitting inside a classroom, there are some others who may learn the same language by attending online classes from websites dedicated to language classes. Irrespective of which category you fall into, if you’re eager to improve your English speaking skills, consider following certain handy tips to improve your understanding of this language. Not all the tips will work for all individuals but if you keep adding such ideas to your day-to-day language learning, you will definitely witness some improvement.

  • Inculcate the habit of watching films and television in English

The United States of America and Britain not only produce some best shows and films on television but they also offer you an opportunity of learning English while watching them. In case you’re someone who is still trying to get a firm grip on the language, you can switch to watching movies with English subtitles so that you may read and listen at the same time. Listen to some of your favorite English radio stations and find enough sources to listen to English on the internet.

  • Practice reading English newspapers and books

When you have got enough leisure time, you can take English books and read them as this is one of the best ways of practising English during your own time. Try to learn a single word at a time and you can relax while at home as there is no teacher who will peep through your shoulder to check what you’re doing. If you’re someone who’s just at the beginner and intermediate level, choose a children’s book as the language will be simpler. Newspapers are also a worth read as you not only get to learn English but to know about the local news as well.

  • Surround yourself with native English speakers to learn the right pronunciation

When you learn a language, it is important for you to pronounce the words appropriately so as to make yourself sound like a native. If you spend most of your time with people of your country, you will probably miss the chance of practising correct English. Try your best to befriend native English speakers as it is only then that you will be forced into speaking the language. You can even pick up ideas like conversational English, slangs which you’re not likely to learn in classrooms. In case you don’t find English speakers, get around with people who are not in your course.

  • Take down notes of the new vocabulary that you learn

Irrespective of the place where you learn a new word, always make it a habit to jot it down somewhere so that you remember the word and know when to use it later and in what context. Whenever you get leisure time, take out that notebook and try to make sentences with the words that have been jotted down. This way you will learn how to use new words in conversation and this could even be done on your phone in case you don’t want to carry a notebook with you.

  • Buy yourself a reputed bi-lingual dictionary

A bi-lingual dictionary can become your best friend especially when you’re in the process of learning English. But be aware of the numerous dictionaries which have mistranslations and mistakes. Invest your money in the most reputed dictionary which can help you in learning the language. You can even have dictionary apps on your Android smartphone.

Therefore, when you’re earnestly willing to get a grip on English language, try your best to follow the handy tips mentioned above. Speak as much as you can in English to improve your fluency.

How to deal with the resignation of your best friend at work?

She was your best friend at work. Fun at workplace was never complete without him. You deserved your best advice for that colleague of yours with whom you bonded outside your workplace as well. And, then comes the day when he or she decides to put down his or her papers to join another organization or take a break from work or for leaving the country altogether. You are no stranger to resignations. You are no stranger to job switches. You are no stranger to new joinees quickly replacing your ex-colleagues. However, there are times when it takes a lot of time to accept the fact that your best friend at your workplace has resigned and will no longer be by your side.

Your best friend at work has resigned: Don’t let it affect your productivity

There are times when your workplace turns into a virtual battlefield and the only one standing by you is your friend. Perhaps this is why you hold your bond with your favorite colleague so close to your heart. What more? With corporate rivalry ruling your equation with most of your colleagues – it’s not often that you get to share great bonds with them. So, how exactly do you cope with the resignation of your favorite colleague?

Give it time

Don’t sink into a prolonged low. Your colleague’s departure might as well have taken a toll on your emotions but you have to ensure that you cannot let it affect your productivity or for that matter your work performance. One thought that can really help you in this regard is that nobody deserves your loyalty more than the present company you’re working for. Don’t try to rush things. Most expectedly, your friend must be serving a 15-day or 1-month notice period. Start preparing yourself for your friend’s absence during that period itself- especially if you depend on his/her help while working. Try to take care of your responsibilities by yourself – this might take much of your time thereby distracting you from sad thoughts.

Stay in touch

Keep in touch with your colleague. If he or she is in the same city, then make sure you’re meeting up at least once every two weeks so that none of you are overwhelmed by each others’ absence.

Stay happy

“Talk happy.” Yes this is very important. Instead of brooding over separation chalk out weekend plans together. Even if he or she is relocating in another city or country, be sure to see each other once every one or two years.

The Common Educational Learning Tips for Young Students

Generally we are in the competitive world so we need to prove our talent for better surviving. In these present days growth of students highly increasing so students need to perform well and shows their capabilities to this world. These modern days schools and institutions put the pressure on student’s shoulders to perform good and specially in academics. These pressures highly affect students and spoil their carrier so students highly need effective and simple learning tips for betterment of education. The learning tips more important for shows excellent academic performance without any pressure.  The educational competition have to increase for bring the better performance from their ability.

The Tips for bring Excellent Performance from Students

In these modern days education institutions only focus on academic performance with difficult ways. The students have to follow some important key points for avoid pressure and get good academic performance.

  • Learn in multiple ways
  • Learn via mnemonics and jingles
  • We have to revise and teach others
  • Maintain optimal self discipline
  • Learn concepts with effective practical knowledge

These are points highly important for students because it can able to make students good in academics without any difficulties. The learning in multiple ways means we can learn through books, online, audio files, video files and these are the ways are helps to learn particular things with simple manner. One of the effective methods for learning is mnemonics because it helps to make keyword for particular part so it helpful for regain the part. These keywords are may be unrelated words, awkward names and other lists are helps to jump back for particular part of the educations. The revising is major technique for long stand learning and we should maintain honesty for revising topics and teach other what we learning is highly helps to stronger the revise. These kinds of learning methods very effectively help to keep in mind what we learning so we have followed this method. The self discipline is more important than any other learning tips because it only can make us honest person and provide effective mind for learning various things and students have to avoid watching television, playing games and other activities of entertainments for easy learning. The practical knowledge is very important for each and every topic learning because it helps to easily understand and it very effective method for learning.

The Study Skills Managements

The common people need to handle any critical situations with creative knowledge for effective life. The students need to follow some simple skill management thoughts for easy learning. The commonly students have active listening skill, note taking ability, reading comprehension, time management, tasting and finally memorize. These skill management’s factors mostly helps to learn effectively. The students can able improve their academic performance with quality skill managements and these things not only helps to education and also important for effective life. The commonly students should focus on their studies for betterment of carrier and life. The students have to follow these important factors for bring the better performance from us.

Utilize the ideas and learn things in a better way

Today, many students are scoring high marks in the examinations and it is the expectation of the institutions as well as their parents. But practically, mark is not a deciding factor of a person’s knowledge. Even students those who are scoring high marks are not having the proper knowledge in the particular subject. They just by heart the concepts and deliver it in the examinations. This will not help them in any way. The students have to understand what they are learning and it will help the concepts forever.

Memorising and scoring high marks will help them until they come out of the academic level. Once they enter into the competitive world, their knowledge will help them to survive. Many studies have proven that the students coming out from the educational level is not having the proper skills to work in the companies and they are lagging in many things. Therefore it is very important that the students should improve the knowledge as well as the skills to sustain in different environments.

Get help from the experts

Nowadays there are many online sites in which the students can get many ideas to develop their learning skills. Many experts are having their official site and they are guiding the students in the right way. Even many of them are allowing students to have a consultation with them. Hence the scholars can prefer such websites and take a consultation with the experts. Therefore the experts can understand the level of the particular students and they will suggest them the effective ways to gain more knowledge.

Useful ideas to improve learning

If you are a student who is searching for some ideas to improve the learning skills, then the following ideas will be helpful for you.

  • When you are going to study it is very important to ensure that the environment you are choosing is peaceful and suitable for that. Most of the students will commit mistake in this case. They will study by watching television at the same time. This will not allow them to grasp the things in the subject. Therefore they must choose a right place to study.
  • Choosing a right time to study is also an important thing to be considered. Most of the students will study in the early morning and some of them will do it in the evening time. Even some students will prefer night time to study. Likewise, you have to know which timing will allow you to concentrate on the studies properly.
  • Most of the experts suggest that the students have to go through the subjects which they have learned in the particular day. This will help them to understand and remember the concepts easily.
  • It will be better if you prepare your own notes. You can study a particular concept and you can write it down in a note as you understand. This will be an effective way of learning and the notes will help you for the reference in the future.

Enhance your learning ability by following useful tips

These days, the world becomes more competitive and only people those who are having excellent knowledge can survive. Unlike the past days, the students who are in their academic stage have to learn the things instead of memorizing it. Most of them are doing such activity just to clear the examinations. They are not aware of the importance of understanding the concepts. Scoring high marks is not at all a helpful factor and when they are looking for a job, the employer will test their knowledge rather than their marks. Though some students are willing to learn the things in the proper way, they are not aware of the tips and tricks in learning.

Go online and get ideas

If you are an interested student who wants to understand what you are studying, then you should know the better ways to learn it. To help people like you, there are many online sites which are providing plenty of learning ideas. Therefore you can search for the best site and get to know about those things. Even many sites will be owned by many experts in teaching and it will be very effective to gather ideas from such sites. Also some sites will allow people to communicate with experts for this purpose. Hence you can make use of such facilities for your betterment.

Simple and effective learning tips

Some of the effectual ideas are given below and these ideas will be helpful in learning the things easily.

  • As the first step, you have to know your best timing to learn. Some students will study in the morning, whereas some of them will do it in the evening. Likewise, you will have a particular time when your mind will be relaxed and interested to learn. You have to find that and you can study in those timings.
  • You should not by heart anything to remember. Instead of that you can try something funny. If you are studying a concept, you can relate it with something that you like or know. You can fix an identity for those things and hence you will not forget that at anytime.
  • In the primary level, the kids will memorise the rhymes by singing it with a tune. Likewise, you can study the concepts by singing it as a song. This will be another interesting way to learn the concepts.
  • Another thing that can help you is visualization. While you are studying a particular subject you have to imagine the things visually. This will help you to understand the concepts more effectively.
  • To remember the concepts always, it is very important that you should go through such things often.
  • Many people will use internet and they will get different materials for their preparation. In the same way you can also download such stuffs to learn. It will be very effective if you are having video tutorials which demonstrate the concepts practically.
  • You can also use audio tutorials available online. It is also an effective way of learning.

Useful learning tips to prepare for the exams

Exams are round the corner and everyone is rushing pillar to post to finish their studies followed by revision. In most of the cases, students find it difficult to prepare for their exams at the last period of time. In fact, it is the time to relax and revise everything they have studied earlier. If you are preparing for any kind of exams and do not know how to prepare yourself to attend the exams without fear, then you need not to worry about it. Yes, this article provides you the excellent solution and tips to prepare for your exams in the highly effective manner. In that way, you need to know some essential things that should be well prepared before for facing the exam without hesitation. In this article, you will see some learning tips to attend the exams in the most effective way.

Make your schedule for preparing the exam

When it comes to preparing for your exam, you need to know some essential things about learning. However, these learning tips are useful for the students or any person who is preparing for their exams even either it is school exams or the competitive exams. In that way, you need to concentrate some ideas and they are listed as below.

  • Allocate enough time to study
  • Organize your study space
  • Train with some old exams
  • Plan your exam day
  • Organize study groups with friends
  • Take some nutritious food items

If you keep following these things, then you can surely get the best results in your exams in the very best manner. In that way, the initial thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to allocate your own time to study.  You need to plan your studying days before the exams to prepare. So, it is better to make a schedule for each day to study.

As well as, it is something important to make your study space with enough books and the notebooks that are needed.  Moreover, you need to be away from all the distractions and disturbance from the outside. In that way, you have to keep distance from the mobile phones, television, music and some other things that make you disturbed.

Use different aids to revise the subject

Normally, the visual aids are the most effective things for preparing your exams and so you can make a flow chart or diagrams to easily memorize the subjects. However, it can be highly useful at the time of revision. In addition to that, practicing the past versions of the exams is one of the most beneficial things in preparing for your exams. In fact, it can definitely improve your time management skill while answering the questions.

In addition to that, you can also get together with your friends to study for the exams. This will be highly effective things, because you can learn many things from them. Even though, these learning tips provide the possible benefits to you, your health is the most important thing to concentrate and so you need to take the healthiest food item to make you be active while preparing for the exams.

Constructive guidelines to begin your education in online

Online education is emerging to a new trend as because of its comfort and effort free learning process. Several types of useful courses are available in the online. As a learner or student, you have to choose the right course as per your personal interests or desires.

  • Flexibility and convenience will help you to devote for your course in your leisure time.
  • Spend minimum hours for online course and so you can enhance your knowledge to a great extent.
  • Self-motivation is really needed to encourage yourselves and so you can attain an extensive success.

You have to allocate time for your online classes and so you can learn more without any hassles. The learners can clarify their doubts and questions with the instructors at any time. Even you can get feedback regarding your studies with the help of teachers. You can talk with any student and instructors at any time. It is really important that you have to choose the best online school with little bit research on it. Talking with instructors face to face is truly a great advantage of learning in the online. In addition, the online education creates a strong and robust learning environment for all students.

Innovative tips to improve your learning capability

The students who are scoring low grades in their examination should improve their learning skills. It will help them to improve their academic scores at the same time they no need to memorize their subjects. Memorizing the answers will be in mind for some days but understanding them will stay in the mind forever. That’s why the soft skills trainers suggest the school or college going students to apply some tips and tricks to increase their learning ability. It is not such a big task to accomplish but a simple thing which brings positive changes in life. Some of the useful tips are given below for the readers.

Tips to increase your learning ability:

  • Reading the subjects everyday will be easy to remember them in exams.
  • Understanding the concepts and self-assessments are the good way to improve the knowledge in studies.
  • You should listen carefully the concepts in the class room.


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