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Social Media mistakes that may cost you your job


There is simply no end to social media takeaways. It has been one of the biggest vehicles of learning in recent times and the coming years are not going to be any different either. What is the biggest lesson that we have learnt from social media? “Police your online behavior” has got to be the answer. Online failures can turn out to be a major source of embarrassment and at times, they may even end up costing you your job. Here’s a look at the biggest social media mistakes that can end up putting your job at stake. Read on to discover.

Social Media gaffes that can get you fired

You might not as well be able to imagine this but let us tell you that a costly social media mistake can even put your job at stake. Make sure you are educating yourself about these mistakes and guiding yourself in accordance.

Complaining about your job on social media

You might be stuck with a bad boss, you might as well be frustrated with all the responsibilities thrust on you but you still want to keep this job. If that’s the case then do not commit the mistake of venting out your true feelings on social media. The National Labor Relations Board might as well protect you as far as valid complaints are concerned but general rants are not entertained. On the other hand, if your boss wants h/she can even go to the extent of firing you citing that your actions are seriously affecting the image of his/her company.

Refrain from posting racist or any other form of offensive content

You might as well be too eager to humiliate that “black” girl uploading her snaps on Facebook or for that matter to post a supposedly funny but insensitive update – but don’t be shocked if you have to bid adieu to your job as a result.

It was back in the year 2013 when a PR person Justine Sacco had tweeted something insensitive about AIDS and was later sacked for the same.

Sharing confidential information

Your company might as well be on the verge of a grand collaboration or for that matter on its way to come up with a great technological innovation. You are too excited and end up posting about it on Facebook or Twitter – without even realizing that the company just did not think it to be the right time to divulge details! Snap! Your harmless excitement might just as well hurt your prospects!

How can you be categorized as per your career choices?

While much of your adulthood is defined by your professional exploits, let us tell you that the types of job seekers/holders are as varied as your career choices are. Not everyone out there wants to or for that matter can chart similar courses as far as professional growth is concerned. So based on the types of career choices embraced by different adults, they can be grouped as “sprinters”, “wanderers or strollers” and “stragglers”. And, before we delve into details of these nomenclatures, let’s not forget that the professional choices embraced by adults or adolescents throughout the ages are as much the products of “decade defined” compulsions, trends and choices as they are of personal choices. Let us discover more.


Here we have this group of individuals driven by laser-like focus- planning their professional path as early as possible in their lives. For them, there is little or no room for indecision. They know what exactly they want to do with their lives and select a course accordingly right after graduating from high school. The most notable aspect of this group is that they stick to the choice – shifting from job to job much up the career ladder.

Sprinters might further be sub-divided into the ones driven by speed and the others influenced by method. The latter are the ones who believe in establishing a successful career by investing their capital in graduate or professional courses. So, “focus” more than “speed” is the middle name here. This particular group is not afraid to change jobs frequently. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those born in the eighties held six different jobs on an average between 18 – 26 years of age.

Wanderers or Strollers

Without demeaning their ambitions to the least, it can well be said that the wanderers and strollers are the ones who are not as sure about their career choices as the sprinters are. A common trait among these individuals is to go back to school for more degrees to further their growth. The graduate schools, it is believed, give you direction and structure to keep you on the right track professionally.


Stragglers are the ones who find it difficult to settle for a viable option after high school- thereby mostly ending up dabbling with jobs, experiencing leisure and often trying out many vocational courses to figure out where their interests lie. Whereas sprinters are known to generally establish their foothold in their chosen industry by their late 20s, stragglers can only figure out what they want to do by then or early thirties.

Which group do you belong to?

The General Ideas to Achieve Long Term and short Term Career Goals

In the ancient days people are facing lot of difficulties in choosing valuable career. Normally people need good guidance to set a goal of life and it very important for peaceful life. These are two different types of career goals available and those are short term goals and long term goals. These goals are very helpful for find a good career so everyone should follow these important goals. The students should have these goals to avoid future career problems and career goals can lead students into good position.  Nowadays users highly want to study well and achieve a great position in a company so they should need both short term and long term goal.

The Important Ideas to Set a Short Term Career Goals    

In these modern days most of schools and colleges are highly helpful for understanding about career goals. The career is a life of students so step by step progress is highly important so initially users have to decide how to achieve short term goals and how to make plan for set short term goals.

  • The students should take 2 or 3 years for making good short term goals
  • The education is an initial factor of short term goal
  • The students make connection with every subject to achieve short term goal
  • The student should working hard to achieve short term goal

These are the important tips very important for accomplish the short term goal.  Normally before choosing short term goal students have to realize their self and it very important for making short term goal without any problems. Nowadays most of students are choosing education as a short term goal and it very important also fro bright career. The education is actually leads to better job so education is a right choice. The students have to spending more time for short term goal and it also useful for student’s career. The making connection is another important idea to easily achieve short term goal because it can be a better stipulation to reach our long term goals. The users should wait for right opportunities to simply reach our long term goals so each and every step should be careful when we are looking for long term goals.

The accelerating long term career goals 

In these present days everyone wants to join in a good job and this is an end point for short term goals. The students and others should focus on long term goals after accomplishing short term goals. Initially users have to settle down in a standard job and it very important for executing our long term goals. The users have to work hard for getting promotions and it also accelerate our career goals so sincerity and dedication both are highly essential for achieving long term goal. These are things not only enough for achieving long term goal so users should give special focus on every process in a long term goal and it finally leads users to accomplish long term goals.

Use internet to find out your career in the best way

In every person’s life, there are milestone points where life transitions from one season to the next called the career. In fact, the career means a profession or a course which you want to accept for earning a livelihood and planning means proper flow or to make proper decisions. So, the career is highly important for all the people who want to get success in their life. To get successful in life, you need to preplan your career before in the best manner. Normally the career plans starts, when a person finishes his secondary or higher secondary level of education. After that level, the person could opt for that educational degree, which would help them out to have a good job opportunity according to their skills at the right time. In this way, the career planning helps the people to design and formulate their life in a smooth manner. This article provides you information about how can you choose the right career after completing your education level in the best manner.

Ways to find out your career

When it comes to deciding the best career, everyone takes the steps with steadiness. In fact, it needs some essential qualities to get the best career growth and so you need to follow some kinds of procedures and they are listed as below.
• Discuss about the career with experts
• Take some tests in deciding your career
• Join in the professional networks
• Connect with the famous sites
If you want to get the perfect decision in getting the career, you need some knowledge. So, you can start to discuss with some of the professionals or experts in the respective field. However, it is also better to talk about your career with your friends, relatives, family members and some other professionals in schools. This will be very helpful for you in deciding your career, because they can give their experience and some essential things about the particular things.

Get the informative things through online

It is always the best idea to join in the professional networks, because you can get to know the employers or some other persons to have the knowledge about your career. If you are a job seeking person, then you can also get to know the employers who may be looking to hire an employee like you. Then, you can also connect with some other informative site like YouTube, where you can find a lot of videos that are related to find the best career for improving your life.

Choosing a career is the initial step of career planning

In the recent days, the number of students is increasing day by day and to provide education many institutions are being opened. Unlike the past days, everyone has realized the importance of education in their life but still they are lagging in choosing the right career. First, the students who are in their academic stage must know what a career is and how important it is. A career is the one thing that determines what they are going to be in the future. Also everyone should plan their career in their earlier stage. Hence they can plan the things according to their chosen career.

Plan the career early

It is very important to educate the children and students about their career. It will be very effective if they have a career choice in their earlier stage. Most of the students will have a dream to become something in future and some of them will work towards it and some of them will compromise it because of their parents or financial background. However they should also plan something to set their future. There is a category of students who do not have any career ideas and they will simply study and clear the exams. But it will create a big question mark when they are coming out from their educational stage. Therefore they must plan initially and work hard to achieve it.

Tips to choose a better career

If you are among the people those who are not having any idea about their career, then utilize the following tips to make a plan.

  • Analyse yourself and find out in which you are good. After that find if that helps you to fix a career.
  • If you can get any idea about your career with the talent you have, then approach a career guider and clarify the things.
  • If you do not have excellence in anything, evaluate your needs and explore the options which can help you to achieve all those things.
  • Set monetary goals and choose the best way to earn more. At the same time, develop yourself in the particular way which you have chosen.
  • If you still cannot get any career ideas, contact a person with whom you are familiar with and discuss about the best career in the present days. It will be better if the person you are discussing has good knowledge in the current trend and fields.

Simple tips to choose a best career for your life

Choosing the right career is important to everyone because a right career will help the people to improve their economical status and lifestyle. It is a momentous decision that will change the course of people’s life and they should take self-examination to figure out which one best suit for them. It requires considerable time and introspection to choose a satisfying career, which helps them to enjoy the upcoming years. It is the first step in the career planning and very important for the students who have completed their graduation in recent days. A best career will provide them lot of benefits like good income, job security and etc. So, here the readers can find some informative tips to select a right career based on their interest and qualification.

Evaluate your skills & set goals:

  • Some people may have the interest to start an enterprise and others may like to work in a challenging environment. So, the desire may vary to everyone but they should decide them in advance to pick up a best work style.
  • The career can be chosen based on the talent or hobbies, in which you are good at. For example, if you can play the instruments well or making different hairstyles then you can select that as your career. It will help you to become a musician or hairstylist.
  • The goal or your dream should be able to satisfy your financial needs. Making some compromises in career is not a bad thing if you want to generate more income.
  • If you are interested to meet new people and become friendly with them, then choosing the career in Sales or Marketing would be the best choice. People who wish to work alone can find their career in home based jobs.
  • Talking with a well known person, who is already doing what you want to become will help to know about the pros and cons about the job. Ask more questions to them about the profession and analyze if that suits for your character.

Ask guidance from the experts:

Taking self-assessments will help you to evaluate your skill about the profession because certain jobs, some skills are mandatory to possess. Seeking the help from professional career coach would be the right option, if you cannot figure out your profession. Choosing the career is process and not an event. So, you should work hard on the career to reach the heights.

Extensive guidelines to advance a successful career

The nature of profession has dramatically changed over the past years. Career planning plays a crucial role for finding the needs of your life. It is a dynamic process and so you will alter your requirements and desires as per the modern enhancements. School and college life may be in rudimentary state but the choosing the career is different from all. First, you have to examine about your skills and knowledge and then you have to construct your career. If your present career in not good, you can change the direction of your profession in an efficient manner. It is really important that you have to control your future and you have to make sure that you are in a right path. With the help of professional advancement tips, you can ensure that you play an active role in your career development.

  • Obtain the help of professional mentor to guide you in a right way.
  • Practical advice given by the counsellor will enhance your knowledge and learning skills in high range.

downloadFind a perfect job as per your desires

A good profession will improve your status and wealth to a great extent. Education and career may totally different from each other. Even if you are not good in one subject, you can learn and built your career in it as per your desires. There are more numbers of opportunities are waiting for everyone and so you have to take necessary steps to enhance your career in a good environment.

  • Maintain your running lists of your professional accomplishments. This kind of actions will help you to motivate you in future.
  • Win list acts as an effective tool to pull you during job interviews and performance reviews.
  • Update and highlight your accomplishments in your resume. It will alter your resume as an influential and expressive of your capabilities.

You can mention about the successful completion of your projects and endeavours in your resume. Further, you can explain about your roles and effects of previous positions in a clear way. Even you can become a mentor for any needed persons. You can learn more as being as a teacher.

Take your profession to the next level

Most of the career experts convey that when your feel unconcealed in your current job, you have to look for a new profession. It is really important that you have to enhance your career to the next advanced level to increase your prominence in high range. Once you take control of your career, it is assured that you are in a right path. Useful strategies and tips in the online will really assist you to construct a wonderful profession in a hassle free manner. You have to seek the help of a mentor who needs your growth and enhancement. As a professional, you have to make frequent check-ins and updates regarding about your career with more concern. If you choose the wise plans, you can achieve your career goals or objectives in an efficient way.

Career – A great asset in everyone’s life

A career is the greatest journey of every individual through education, work and other important aspects of life. Actually, the term career is used to describe a profession that usually involves a special training or formal learning so it is also considered to be a person’s life work. The best way to get ahead in your professional life is investing in your career constantly. Every tiny investment will definitely help you to get rich rewards in terms of your time and effort. To achieve success in your career, one should set short term or long term goals and try to fulfill in the next few years.

In these days, many people fail to set the relevant career life in the right path. According to the latest survey, the career problems force three persons to suicide every day and 903 people choose to end their lives because of the professional and career problems. TO overcome this problem, the Government of India shows the highest importance in this matter and approved the implementation of district mental health programme. This program has been held in some of the districts of the country that involves components of suicide prevention services, life skills training, and workplace stress management and also provides counseling in schools and colleges.

careesFollow your passion to achieve your successful career

The best way to achieve your successful career is to follow your passion in the professional life. Initially, you should write down the set of goals and aim to achieve those objectives. To achieve your goals, you should always be willing to take an additional responsibility, face new challenges and learn more niche skills. If you want to withstand in the relevant job market, you need to reinvent yourself constantly. If you want to reinvent your career, you should review the portfolio at least once per year. The latest new study has found the young people with passion are satisfying both their personal and professional needs successfully regardless of the inherent talent.

Nowadays, young people are willing to follow their passion and more likely to take risks, persist and even ultimately get their jobs in the chosen fields. This successful career jobs will satisfy both their personal as well as professional career needs. The top three ways to constantly reinvent yourself in your career is,

  • Introspect – What’s making happy and unhappy in your job?
  • Evaluate – Review your career and focus on your own achievements
  • Enhance – Updating your skills by learning something new every year


Effective steps to strengthening your career right now

The best career job always inspires you and brings out your very best performance in the society. But if you may feel that you stuck in your job and possibly your career, you could sustain your self-motivation as well as follow these important strategies to improve yourself in your career. The effective steps to energizing your career right now are,

  • Establish your career goals
  • Professional development
  • Continuing education for a promotion
  • Monitor your well being
  • Find inspiration to maintain self motivation

The best career development approaches

Many professionals in every line of work nowadays develop their career as maximum as possible. They make use of almost every opportunity for enhancing their career life greatly.  They get the complete support from advanced resources to realize their reasonable expectations.   If you expect the best improvement in your career hereafter, then you can consider the following things.

  • Be aware of promotional issues
  • Choose the best move at the right time
  • Investigate skill requirements
  • Make a career change
  • Consider relocating
  • Volunteer to do the most complex projects

Be aware of promotional issues

You have to know every option for your promotion in the office. If you improve your everyday activities in a proper way, then you can get the best result beyond doubt. However, you have to enhance the possibilities for a promotion as quickly as possible.

Choose the best move at the right time

You have to make an informed decision whenever you get an idea to leave the company for any valuable reason. If you quit your current job, then you need to get the best job as soon as possible.  This is advisable to give up the job when you get qualified for another job.

Investigate skill requirements 

You can consult with the Human Resources Department at your place of work and gain knowledge about skill requirements.  People who know the educational qualifications, experiences, technology skills and other requirements for a particular post can make a good decision about the career development.

downloadMake a career change

You can change your career when you do not like it. Keep in mind that every job gives you the most complex things sometimes.  Try to improve your proficiency and face challenging things on the whole. You can consult with leading recruitment agencies and know about job vacancies suitable for your career development.

Consider relocating

You may unable to get the most expected jobs from the comfort of your local area. If you know about favourable career development opportunities outside, then you can consider relocation immediately.

Volunteer to do the most complex projects

Many people do not ready to prefer the most complex projects immediately. If you volunteer to choose and complete such projects, then you will be noted by the management.  This is advisable to reveal yourself as a problem-solver in your office. Do not forget about your proficiency and experiences before volunteering difficult works.

Tips to choose a right career

It is good to have a backup plan while doing something new, because it decreases the rate of failure. However, the same thing is not applicable for choosing the Career because too many choices may cause confusion. If you want to choose a right career for your life, then it is important to figure out your interest and skills. Once a decision is taken about the career, then you must follow the same until you reach the success. To select a satisfying career, it is advised to do more self-examination for finding the suitable one. The below given tips will help you to choose a right career.

choose a right careerGive importance to your preference:

It is good have some best choices before choosing the career, which help the career seeker to choose the right one for their life. To choose a profession,
• List out the preferences and then discuss the pros & cons of the sector with the experts, who are working in that particular field.
• While selecting a profession, ensure that you have the necessary qualification and skills. Choosing an occupation without proper knowledge may be tough to survive in the field.
• It is always better to choose a field, where you can perform well and do not aim only for making more money. For example, if you have good knowledge in science and able to care people well, then choosing the career in Healthcare will be best. It also help you to earn sufficient income

Choose the trending career:

It would not be a good idea, if you choose to get a profession in an outdated filed. The growth of the technologies is always constant and it makes various opportunities to the candidates. So, find the professions, which have more demand and amplify your talents to have a best future with that field. If you are an entry level candidate, then attending the formal training before joining in the professional will be helpful. Choose a field, where you can show your potential and learn something new every day from your occupation because it helps you to reach the heights sooner.